Harrogate 2022 term / leave dates

Hi all. Our youngest has just been given his start date for Harrogate next year joining the long course on 13th of March. I know when I went through Juniors (many many years ago) we had block leave roughly in line with the school holidays. I've got a problem in that we've got an overseas holiday booked (me and the wife) over Easter next year so I'm desperately trying to find out when his leave dates are likely to be as his 6 weeks finish around that time so I'm guessing he may get leave over Easter? Now Mrs M will be desperate to pick her baby up on his first time out so I've been given a warning order to change of if necessary cancel the holiday if the pick up or drop off dates clash.

Can any anyone suggest where I can get his leave dates from or if there's a mummy and daddies contact number for the depot please?

Finally I know I dropped a clanger with booking the holiday at that time in the first place because my wife told me :)