Harrison Ford Signs for Falluja Movie

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Harry_Boomers, Dec 8, 2005.

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  1. Have not been able to find any more info on this.But it seems that Harrison Ford is to play American general Jim Mattis in a film about the battle of Fallujah. Not sure if a movie like this and with toops still on the ground will help the situation in Iraq!
  2. Presumably there will be a scene where an insurgent stands before Gen. Mattis swinging a big sword and the General reaches for his Beretta only to find the holster empty and he has to leg it...
  3. Also how many time will he say " I have a bad feeling about this" ?
  4. So long as he doesn't have to leap anywhere! Despite setting my heart aflutter ( :oops: ) he is truly appalling when it comes to stunt-work (apart from the tank scene in The Last Crusade) and his leaps away from explosions never cease to make me cringe!
  5. would the film show them mercilessly shooting walls and into empty buildings like in the video clip that Tomahawk posted a couple of months ago?
    and would it be about the first assault on Falluja where they were beaten back?
    and will he still be scared of snakes? :wink:
  6. Yes but they are swapping the American army, for British Army .... as it'll make it more European
  7. Will he have a large and genial Iraqi mate who will greet him with "Mattis my friend, I thought you were dead"

    Will his Humvee be the fastest hunk o' junk in I-rak?

    "Sunnis - I hate those guys"

    etc etc
  8. Dozy - I will fight you for him and win.

    (... he does have a girlie leap though, - not that he'll be leaping much once I start grinding his pelvis into my mattress).
  9. 'S OK Shrew, I won't fight too hard - he's getting on a bit now; he was definitely in his prime during his Indiana Jones phase. [​IMG]

    Dozy retreats to a darkened room to still her beating heart...
  10. ... actually, Harrison Ford as Hans Solo, just picking at the plaster on the wall, when he blasts that bounty hunter using the gun strapped to his thigh. Whoa... <knees go weak>