Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Manley, Nov 18, 2009.

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  1. Reading in the "Wail" that Harriet the Harpy is off again on her Equality Crusade, and the Bishops are saying it might downgrade Christmas in case it "offends" minorities. Ho Hum!. :roll: :roll:
  2. Great I can still celebrate Yule with my usual full gusto then :D
  3. Really? Its in the Daily Mial? Well, in that case it must be true and we must immediately POL the outrage bus.

    Or realise it is the usual "Immigrants Create Recession and House Prices Fall becuase of all these Pufters" type reporting they are famous for. And just ignore it, and get on with our day.

    I am amazed anybody reads the mail still. What happened - did Beano get cancelled?
  4. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Not sure that gusto is allowed any more. Apathy is certainly acceptable, and misery is almost mandatory, but yuletide cheer is suspended while Happy harriet is here.
  5. I'm a pagan and Christmas doesn't offend me!.

    Now I'm off to play the new online custard pie game,
    Shame they missed "Harpie" out but at least they included "Pixie" Blears as a Fig 11
  6. The trouble is... the more they say "Dont" the more I want to ... so I might really offend the neighbours by putting a Natvity Set in the front window this year....
  7. That would make you the most progressive Rabbi I have ever known then
  8. Bishops afraid of offending minorities - pah! that's nothing, the Church of England have BISHOPS who do NOT believe in God!
  9. This is less about Religion and more about p!ssing the neighbours off if Im honest....
  10. :thumright: :viking:
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Before Whoreperson can ask for equality of the sexes, she needs to achieve the minimum standards of society.
  12. Missy Harriet 'Harridan' Harperson comes across as a typical dried up prune of a petty Labor apparatchik. Many of them dislike the Middle Classes who are well educated and have professional jobs. The irony is that the majority of MPs, including Liar-bore Ministers, are all well educated, Middle Class with good jobs. So, that being the case, Liar-bore Ministers and Fellow Travelers must detest themselves something awful.

    As for this so-called 'Equalities Bill'. It will turn out as just another badly thought out and drafted piece of Labor Legal garbage. the only people who will benefit from it, are the firms of Lawyers who specialize in 'Uming Rites' and similar crud.

    As quite a few MP's of all parties are Lawyers, then its no wonder. Apparently, so it has been rumored, those members House of Lords who oppose this Bill, will try and scupper it, or at least delay its reading until the Election has been and gone.

    As for 'Offending Other Faiths', this is garbage. Most Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus or Jewish folks are not in the least 'Offended' by things 'Christian' like Christmas. Of course its Town Hall Power Junkies and other Jobsworths who have set themselves up as 'Interpreters of Multiculturalism'. The more laws of this nature that New Labor spew out, the more divisive of society they become.

    The only folks who are rubbing their grubby hands are such as Widemouth!!
    It's all just 'More Labour Bollox'...
  13. Sorry, I dont take the "Scum" or the "S,Tarts", but if you do then by all means tell us all whats going on in the wider world as opposed to what the "Wail", the "Terriblegraph", the "Excess" and the "Grauniad" tell us, failing that then please go forth and multiply, theres a good chap.
  14. I just jokingly remarked to our admin lass that Harperson was thinking of banning Fathers Day next as it was considered redundant in the age of single parent families.

    She just smiled and went off one about her and only stopped when I said I was joking. The really scary thing is that she believed its possible she would come up with the idea.

    This woman has to go, and soon.
  15. Wow. Such vigorous defence of the Mail. Tell me, are you their editor in chief?

    Is Harriet a ccok? Yes. But I think all of the newspapers know that.

    Are the bishops trying to close down Christmas? I doubt it. That is like trying to get yourself sacked. But if anyone was going to misreport something in its headline (only for you tofind out that the story is completely different beneath) it is the Wail.

    My, my. We are touchy today. I find getting my leg-over occassionally helps.