Harriet Harperson Strikes Again

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ark-angel, Dec 12, 2010.

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  1. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    well, it's not like it's her money is it?
  2. Distribution of wealth from the rich to the poor old bean. :-0
    Good old labour, still not learning why we had enough of them.
  3. Do you expect anything else from the bint, she's only looking after her own back yard with arse-kissing PR,

    Labour will never learn, and they still have the cheek to say the Coalition still don't 'Get It',

    we must not forget it will take more than 5 years of a Coalition to clear the last 13 years of mess to the Country, to think otherwise will be niave...
  4. Ideally, the "hero" immigrants should follow the welfare handouts back "home". I think Harridan neglected to mention this.
  5. So we're all paying part of our taxes, so benefit recipients can send presumably there jobseekers allowance (which is supposed to help with looking for a job), out of the country to non resident, non British citizens.

    Does that not seem ludicrious to anyone else?
  6. Nothing new from the Honourable Member for Lagos
  7. Minor point: isn't it illegal to use welfare payments for anything other than subsistence in the country? Not that Harridan Harpy would take any notice, of course - as a senior member of the new Old Labour, she can flout whatever she wants!
  8. I don't know if it's illegal but definitely immoral. I could understand it if immigrants who get jobs, pay taxes etc manage to send money home. Benefits, on the other hand, would point to the fact they're getting too much if they have any left over to send home.
    Why can't they do what the home-grown scroungers do and spend the extra on wide screen tellys and X-Boxes?
  9. I can't believe this story has taken people in.

    Read this paragraph, which is what the story appears to be based on:
    Last night Ms Harman stood by her remarks. She told The Mail on Sunday: ‘There are many people in my constituency who come from Africa and work and study and bring up their families here. Many of them also send money back to their village in their country of origin. We should respect and encourage that. International development is not just something done by governments.
    ‘Some of these families will be receiving child benefit and tax credits to which they are entitled. Charitable generosity has never been confined to the well-off.’ "
  10. I have no idea whether this story is true or not. But Harperson does have previous. She was bitching about the looks of a Ginger Liberal MP despite having a face like a Warthog's Arse crapping a set of false teeth. Her "Equality" Bill would have hardwired Inequality into the system. She's a mouthpiece for her husbands loony left "Tools Down" union and her hatred of men is legendary. So even if what she said isn't true, I'm sure she thinks it.
  11. I wonder if this kind of thing is keeping immigrants on welfare rather than working. After all, when you are sneding your 'surplus' overseas the last thing you want to do is send you own hard earned cash, of which there will be less of (once off welfare), to someone else when you need it for your own family.
  12. Read the article properly, it's not about unemployed immigrants sending their welfare home! It's actually about people who have a job, but are willing to send some of their income home - meaning that they are probably just as well of, if they didn't send money home and claimed benefit. Probably in the same way many of the Ghurka's/commonwealth soldiers do.

    edited for typos.
  13. Thanks to the Amazing Lobster for setting the record straight - the Harpy was referring to child benefits. The claimants must therefore have been working. But the DM article (updated at 11:30 today) specifically states that it is being claimed by those who work and study for children who are not even present in the UK. The DM's vitriolic approach to reporting is well known, but surely they cannot be THAT far wrong on the facts!
  14. Her remarks were met with enthusiasm but others questioned the plan.
    One person pointed out: “If it was found that the majority sending remittances were on benefits, critics would say it proved they get too much.”

    Harriet Harman criticised for 'heroic' immigrants comment - Telegraph

    I would quote the Guardian, but the left wing preess seem strangely silent about Harpersons comments.