Harriet Harman - Govt above the law

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sanchauk, Mar 2, 2009.

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  1. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/banksandfinance/4902361/Fred-Goodwin-must-surrender-pension-Harriet-Harman-insists.html

    Reference Goodwin pension:

    "The Prime Minister has said it is not acceptable and therefore it will not be accepted. It might be enforceable in a court of law this contract but it's not enforceable in the court of public opinion and that's where the Government steps in."

    Whatever you view on the Goodwin pension sage the above presidential decree is frankly staggering in it's contempt for the process of government.
  2. The woman is a complete LOON, If what she said is true we should be haveing a General election by lunchtime
  3. Will she therefore be doing the right thing & surrendering hers when she gets found out for being a waste of skin? (oops sorry, been discovered already....).
    Didn't think so :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
    And our blessed leaders still wonder why the electorate think they're a bunch of see you next Tuesdays......Pah!
  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Is this the same "Court of public opinion" that has consistently been:

    - in favour of re-introducing the death penalty?
    - in favour of withdrawal from many aspects of the EU?
    - in favour of a referendum on the euro?
    - in favour of drastically limiting immigration?
    - against the third runway at Heathrow?


    Oh well, it's obviously the 'public opinion that will help us attempt to get re-elected' as opposed to anything uncomfortable then.

    I'm not in favour of some of the things above, but this mysterious 'COPO' is. So, by this woman's logic, they must come to pass. She should be very, very careful about introducing such a referendum-based approach, as she may find she doesn'tr like the results.

    Anyone else got any ideas what the 'Court of public opinion' would do if it ever got into power?
  5. Didn't Nixon say something along the lines of
    'What the President says and does is the law'
    or words to that effect ?
    These twots seem to forget that they are the Ultimate Servant of the People who placed them in Office and who can remove them at next election.
  6. I've never understood why the Tories haven't been more aggressive in taking Labour down. Now it's clicked - they're more than capable themselves. I can't recall a more stupid comment from a senior politico (perhaps revealing is a better word?) indicating the mindset of those elected.
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    You must be mistaken Sir - if it was the SAME court of opinion of which you speak, then our parliamentarians would be hanging themselves from the nearest lamposts right now and saving us the bother.
  8. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    She needs to be very careful about a Court of Public Opinion
    If she does listen to it she might not only find herself out of a job sharpish but she and her mates losing their gold plated pensions and expense packages aswell
    Funny how public opinion now suits as stated by Old Snowy plenty of other things are desired by the public but we won't get
    They fought tooth and nail to stop the public finding out about their pensions etc and such othert things as Iraq and WMD's
    I saw a report that stated he had paid into the pension for 30 years starting with bank of Yorkshire and Clydesdale Bank so who is she to take it away from him?
    The Goverment wil rake in tax from it and also he wil have paid plenty of tax over the years as well

    But whilst they kick off about this it stops what a p1ss poor job they are doing off the front page
  9. Apologies, but I think Harman's drivel is worth repeating as one of the most outrageously stupid remarks of the century (so far):

    "... but it's not enforceable in the court of public opinion and that's where the Government steps in."

    Notwithstanding that this shows the most staggering ignorance of how the country should be governed, isn't it amazing that she's suddenly so interested in public opinion, to the point of proposing a shameful piece of opportunistic legislation when it might earn the gobment a few cheap points — but somehow forgot the importance of public opinion when sending the nation into an illegal war?

    For the last few years, especially since Bush was elected for the second time in the US, I've had an increasing sense that watching UK and US politicians is like looking through a distorting mirror. It seems more and more like watching children playing at being politicians. They open their mouths and the most unbelievable, ill-considered, illogical sh1t just pours out.

    Yeah, I'm pi55ed off with Goodwin and the other greedy swine, but the government is at root responsible for this, by inadequate regulation, by mindless boosterism of unsustainable economic growth and by its pathetic and ill-thought-out response to the crisis. Goodwin is a symptom more than a cause.

    And where the hell does Mandelson, of all people ("intensely relaxed about people getting filthy rich", remember?) get off by giving righteous lectures?

    They are barmy to be such spineless, clueless hypocrites, and barmier still to think we haven't noticed.

    What are we going to do about these ba5tards? How do the adults reclaim the reins of power?
  10. The whole sorry interview is here:


    Start at 35mins 15 secs in.

    There are not enough adjectives in the English language to describe how loathsome she is. Proof once again that this gubment think they are above the law and will do anything and say anything as long as it scores popular point with the voters.
    When the history books are writen in a few years time, people will wonder how we managed to vote these jokers in three times!
  11. Isn't she supposed to be some kind of lawyer by training, god what a waste of O2
  12. The was a interview on Sky news with a labour back bencher about the post office in which he said several times - popular - we will take the popular line, we will back the workers as this seems to be whats popular, we will not let the post office be privatised as this seems to be unpopular .............

    No mention of what is best for the post office - the country or the poor sods who work there - just whats popular ...........

    It seems labours polices are now governed by whats popular - as long as its not popular in a way that makes it easy for them.

    If they really did listen to public opinion they'd be shocked to see that the public actually knows what bumbling PC morons they are really are!
  13. Flight

    Flight LE Book Reviewer

    Diktat: "any decree or authoritative statement: The Board of Education issued a diktat that all employees must report an hour earlier."

    Dictator: a person exercising absolute power, esp. a ruler who has absolute, unrestricted control in a government without hereditary succession.

    Nice to see what Brown sees himself as.
  14. I've been attempting to do an ARRSEpedia entry on Harperson for some time. Unfortunately, I keep smashing my head through the monitor (it's starting to become expensive) so it's still incomplete. One day... maybe.
  15. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    The irony is most people couldn't care less and certainly not as much as this lot are trying to spin it out. It's all just trying to deflect attention from the complete mess they have made of the country.