Harriet Harman - Danny Alexander is ginger rodent.


Harriet Harman - Danny Alexander is ginger rodent. Peter Dow vs. the bitch Queen. (YouTube)

Video details.
Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman, speaking at the Scottish Labour Party conference in October 2010, calls Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander a "ginger rodent".

Peter Dow comments.
Peter Dow said:
Hello. I'm Peter Dow.

The problem with Harriet Harman's plan is that the ballot box is rigged by the biggest bitch of all - Queen Elizabeth. New Labour want to be Her Majesty's Government, not the people's government.

The kingdom's officers control broadcasting in the kingdom and they will only ever allow broadcasting of Tories or Lib Dem rodent tories or New Labour new tories or SNP tartan tories. So the voters only ever get a choice of tories of one kind of vermin or another to choose from.

Every true democratic socialist is a republican and we republicans hardly ever get on TV. So we don't get a fair chance at the ballot box which is rigged in favour of royalists who support the Queen and who allow Her Majesty's Governments to cut the welfare state and wreck the economy.

The realistic alternative to a rigged ballot box is presented in republican free forums on the internet such as the For Freedom Forums which I administer. I invite you to register with the For Freedom Forums to discuss what we the people and our national military can do about rigged politics in this country.
Well I came to this thread to see the self styled equalitarian Harriet Harman in her true colours, being discriminatory to gingers.
One rule for us and another for her. Pretty much true to form then.
Then I see it's by Peter Dow. A bonkers madman from somewhere even further up North of us that are 'up North'.
What a complete nob.
Peter, I'll give you this much, when you do something you really go all the way to the top. Your nob-likeness is truly complete.
You just keep on yakking until you eventually say something. Even the law of averages dictates that one day something worth hearing will spill from your lips.

Then again, I suppose eccentricity is one of the things that has made this country what it is today*

*full of nutters by the looks of things
In a few words, **** OFF and get a job, you are talking a bigger load of bollocks than even Harman!


Personally, I thought what she said was as funny as ****. As for those red strides...way to go Otis!
Have you clicked on his website?
Now is the time to buy shares in tin foil manufacturers.
It is a vaguely amusing comment. However coming from arch hypocrite Harperson it is even better as it shows her true colours. As they both work in the Commons could this count as workplace discrimination? Hopefully so, as I'd love to see her shafted by her own legislation. Alexander's comeback is even better IMO "I am proud to be ginger and rodents do valuable work cleaning up mess others leave behind"
Peter Dow is spouting drivel again, nothing but an utter fool! I wonder if the kids are from Harlaw Academy are still hitting his window to set an alarm off he rigged up, funnily enough he stuck a notice up advertising the fact. I think he filmed some of it and its on Utube somewhere, what a tool!

I would be interested to hear if he passed his interview by the DWP and has had his DLA stopped. Get a job scrounger!
Technically speaking if anyone wants to make a complaint it would have to be listed as a HATE incident* at the least, if not Racially Aggravated Harassment, Alarm or Distress - ironic, isn't HH potentially being done for a hate crime against a minority? Wouldn't look good on her CV....

*And if someone reports it as a HATE incident then that's what its logged as - no lawyer can rub that off her record
I've always been of the opinion that Ms Harman would benefit from a good seeing to; preferably over the front bench of the House of Commons.


Book Reviewer
Frankly, even though it has been brought up by certifiable moon-howler Peter Dow, Ms Harman was correct.

Ginger hair is unacceptable.
The infinite monkey theorem states that a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type a given text, such as the complete works of William Shakespeare.

Having said that, it is scientifically proven that if you give six pissed up monkeys typewriters for one minute, all of the resulting text would make more sense than anything this ******* idiot says.

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