Harrier gives soldier centre parting!

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by whistler, Oct 12, 2006.

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  1. If you've got the toys you might as well use them. Mind you, I wouldn't like a CR2 whizzing pased me at 50mph 2 meters away.
  2. Been shown a few times on GMTV this morning. They were calling it a " Game of Chicken"! Admittedly the Harrier does look very low.

    Might help recruit a few hoody type yoofs - certainly different than playing chicken on the A2. Apparently a MOD spokeman referred to it as "letting off steam" - good drills, so hopefully no witch hunt on this one.

    As the guy in the picture ducked i almost p*ssed myself laughing.

    It is a must show clip for any Joint presentation.

    Cheer up your morning - have a look.
  3. Quality I can just imagine someone shouting HEADS !!

    Also it's good to see the MOD not going on a witch hunt for once like the fire brigade did with the fireman in a washing machine
  4. The Spanish Inquisition on this has been ongoing for a couple of months now. They want a hanging party!
  5. They made they bloke appologies, I mean really it was funny if it was obscene then fiar enough but see the good side of it not waste a few thousand of the tax payers pounds on an enquiry!!
  6. The bloke driving that Harrier is supposed to be a member of this site.
  7. Hold on! I detect an oxymoron here. One article says it's a soldier and another it's an RAF 'serviceman'. Now come on, own up, is it a crab or a real soldier? I suspect it's the former.
  8. No beret
    Hands on hips
    Scruffy cnut

  9. Well, wasn't too sure, it isn't Maj Jon Swift, 3 PARA is it?
  10. I think you'll find the person you're trying to mis-represent is Major James Loden of 3 Para. Major John Swift is Fusiliers, I believe.
  11. Whilstler. You're right, he probably is a Crab as you will notice he ducked. Contrast with the Pongo Loggie at South Cerney a few years back who tried to header a Herc and came second.
  12. It reminds me altogether too much, of a fatal incident 10(+) yrs ago, where a C-130 driver killed somebody (one of his crew?) by doing a low pass with the tailgate down.
    They were letting off steam.
    1 crab dead, another Court-Martialled and sentenced.
    O - and p*ssing about at 0ft - where there's no margin for error - with 15% of the UK national CAS capability, in the middle of a war.
    Fcuking hilarious.
    Sorry - just Not. :roll: