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Harrier developments?

Rumour control on RR is that an announcement on Harrier is to be made today at 1230 at all harrier stations suggesting that it may stay after all.

If true, anyone want to place bets on what remains? My view is that a single RN / RAF squadron with minimal FE@R purely to keep the RN carrier system going. I'd be surprised to see a full U-turn on this one.

Alternatively, its more likely that the 'cease flying' signal is about to be issued?
I reckon they'll be telling them all to pack up now, no more flying. What's the point, the airframe isn't going to be used by us again why rack up flying hours? If we do sell them it just gives the engineers that bit more work to do, if we scrap them why spend the money keeping them going? If you had a car you had no use for and you were going to get shot of it would you bother spending money maintaining it?
"My money is on a announcement that all GR9's will be available as 'BUY IT NOW' on ebay from teatime. "

Agreed - the costs of running on 1 Sqn are almost as much as running on 3 Sqns, so we may as well lose the whole thing.

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