Harrier Crashed North of Oxford

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by eul0gy, Jul 13, 2006.

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  1. Here's hoping the crew is ok
  2. Estimated ejected at 100ft @ 45degree angle and landed 2 fields away (aircraft engineer & airfield fireman reporting)

    Confirmed by him as a single seater

    Quote from our good friends over at PPRUNE
  3. Harrier is fitted with a zero/zero seat, so the pilot can eject at any altitude or speed. Nonetheless, there are many variables, especially in an emergency, and I hope the pilot is safe and well.
  4. 0/0 not a lot of good when you're inverted or at high angle of roll though.

    Hope he's alright.

    BTW does one still get to be a "Caterpillar" these days?
  5. Hope to God the crew are alright. They were probably getting ready for RIAT at RAF Fairford this weekend.
  6. Have heard pilot "safe".
    And aircraft was en route Fairford to take part in RIAT.

    And again... Do you still get to be a "Caterpillar"?
  7. According to goggle you can still get a caterpilliar badge and martin baker also has a club as well .Though walking away from the crash must be the best reward .I wonder if they sign for those things :D
  8. Harriers - one of the bloody things auger in every few weeks. Pegasus might be a cool idea in principle, but the damned things seem to sh*t themselves with regularity...
  9. I treated a crew once that had ejected. For two guys having gone through the kind of stresses their bodies (and spines in particular) had just been through they were in remarkably good shape.
  10. Actually I reckon you'd be better off keeping clear of RN Sea Kings rather than RAF Harriers.

  11. Or Army Lynx, from this table :(
  12. Indeed. Then again, if God had intended the Army to fly, He would have made the sky green....
  13. Depends on the age of the seat. The early ones from the 50's could mess you up (still better than perishing in a ball of flame though) but modern seats shouldn't produce any damage at all. The HArrier has a Mk 12 which is late 70s/early 80s vintage.
  14. Off topic, but as the pilot was uninjured:

    "Graham Billinge, 58, from Langley in the New Forest, said he had been attending a training course at the pub when the crash happened."

    What course is that, and can how do I get on it?