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Harrier 809

Harrier 809


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Note: the review is by @goodoldboy

This superb book describes how 809 Squadron (Sea Harrier) was reformed as an emergency measure in April 1982 at the start of the Falklands War. One RN senior pilot was tasked with finding enough serviceable aircraft and sufficiently qualified pilots (some on exchange in far-flung places) to cover attrition in 800 and 801 Squadrons during the war. In the event, 809 was formed, trained and transported south on the MV Atlantic Conveyor ready to start carrier-based front-line combat by mid May...

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Hollywood will make it based on USMC squadron VMF-809 ("the fighting knobs"), in their AV-8s, and the invasion of Grenada.
Nah, it'll be a case of the squadron launching to take down Grenada singlehanded before they get time warped back to the days of slavery to wipe out filthy colonial types and found a new "United States of Togetherland"


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Bought this on the strength of the review, glad I did - there is a lot of information on 'the opposition' too, which gives the book a good balance.
Excellent work.
Laughed my arse off about...
German vest pilot flies early Harrier.
He has 301 kills from his time in the Luftwaffe.
'Loses' Harrier on hover, and bends it badly.
As he walks away he says 'three Hundred and two...'

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