harperson to get the boot?

I love the bit about her being the Tories secret weapon
Watching her on BBC this morning making veiled threats about taking that bankers pension of him made my toes curl

burn the feckin witch


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I believe the thrust of her argument was 'the law is irrelevant here - it's public opinion that matters'

so, your colleagues jacqui and gordon will be handing back the rent and giving up their pension respectively then?? whats that? I shouldnt hold my breath? thought it might be.
Gordon won't sack her for a number of reasons:
1. Despite being a pseudo-socialist 'toff', she has a great deal of support on the left of the party;
2. The left is much stronger than Gordon will admit to and, as a weak Prime Minister he cannot afford what will be a very public row with them;
3. He hasn't got the bottle.
Oh I do hope so.... That Gordo McRuin sacks one of his own...... It will give a good indication of just what is going on in his cabinet. Reminds me of the last days of Maggie Thatcher with all the plotting to dump her as a 'liability' to the Tory Party way back then.

Maybe there will be more jockeying for a leadership contest come the Party Silly Season during the conference. Its not whats said at the main conference venue, but what might be said around the fringe meetings away from the main conference.

I wonder if old Walter Wolfgang will be there again this year to shout ...'Bollox!' at McRuin and Lord Mandelprat.... Of course Teflon Tone will probably be 'giving it large' in the US of A to the daft and naive with more cash to spare than the Bank fo England....

(I went to se my Doc, I have this complaint known as Fiscal Easing. He told me to use a mixture of Vaseline and Tobasco Sauce....!) :p :eek: :oops:


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Why, oh fcuking why does Harlot Harpyman think she would ever be a serious leadership candidate? She is a laughing stock, and kept well out of sight as the Party ' Deputy Leader' - a meaningless post at best.
Sir Fred - 'world's worst banker - great negotiator'.

Just heard, and sadly. seen, Harridan Harperson attacking him on account of his pension.

I am now firmly on his side.

That awful woman, a disgrace to her gender, and a chancer to boot, is guaranteed to ensure that this disgusting government is consigned to the sewer of failures at the next general election!

Even worse - the next item was the 'spiv' Bliar being 'doe-eyed', weepy and 'lower-lip quiveringly', over somewhere or other in the Middle East.

Having heard that his grasping, over-weight, 'plug-ugly. and wholly unappetising wife is to have a programme on the wireless, I am now TOTALLY CONVINCED that the lunatics have taken over the asylum commonly known as our media!


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Considering the all female shortlists and number of front bottom types who have served in the higher echelons it appears that they have all been rather pathetically inept.

Doesn't have an eye for detail eh? My confidence in the labour babes (yeuch) takes another dent..
Seanbean, surely this should be the Tories campaign song? Good post.
The Harman woman seems to make herself even more unpopular,by pushing her 'wimin' agenda.

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