Harperson Guilty of Speeding Again

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by scalieback, Apr 16, 2012.

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  1. MP Harman gets driving ban for speeding | Mail Online

  2. Somebody rounded it down by 1mph for her, how kind.
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  3. Oh Jarrod, you cynical little scamp you! You mean someone ensured she didn't get an automatic 3 month ban and a huge £1k plus fine like mere mortals get when going over the ton?

    "…Mr Dixon said his client had been driving for 26 years without incident…"

    Except for her previous incidents?
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  4. O yes that little altercation! Naughty mr defence lawyer he got that wrong didn't he.
  5. Hang on, wasn't it her who hit someone in her car then sped off saying, "I'm Harriet Harman, you know where to find me"? Could someone please remind us what punishment someone who isn't a party aparatchik would face for failing to stop & report & the insurance* implications?

    *mind you she probably claims the insurance on expenses despite being a filthy rich champagne socialist...
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  6. "Oh I do apologise Your Honour, my clients very, very, very minor previous driving convictions completely slipped her mind, much like the National speed limit."
  7. So can others now use Regina v Harman if they are doing 99mph?
    And get let off with a 7 day ban?
    Jockeys get longer for whipping their horses to much in a race!!!
  8. Oh I thought it was a 12 month ban, silly me, cynical oh you bet. I'd not trust one of that lot with a £1 coin if given a shopping list of a bag of crisps.
  9. 10% plus two is the norm, ACPO guidelines and all that. Motorway, normally slightly higher but there's bound to be a 'black rat' (traffic cop) on here who will advise.
  10. Vile creatures... seriously though 99MPH? Nah i'm not buying it.
  11. **** me, you're quick off the mark - Harperson ceased to be Solicitor General in 2005!

    Which does mean that at the time the defence was used, it was correct (indeed your list of 'previous' convictions clearly shows this one, in 2003!)

    I would like to make it clear that I'm not defending her though, I still think she's a ****.
  12. Will she be claiming the fine on expenses
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  13. Yep, my bad as the Mail article header shows todays date. I saw it when looking for Huhne's ongoing case, which is set for trial in May this year.
  14. It never does to forget how venal & corrupt they were. It's not a Tory monopoly, you know.

    How much did they take from Ecclestone to exempt F1 from the tobacco advertising ban? How many times was Mandlebum sacked and where did he get the cash to buy Dunmatelots, his highly expensive pad? Who exactly were the Hinduja brothers? Cherie Booth, property magnate extraordinaire, the list goes on & on.
  15. When will we get a politician that leads by example?