Harperson floats wealth tax.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blogg, Nov 9, 2009.

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  1. Here we go: the inevitable final act of dying Labour governments, mostly down to jostling for position whilst in opposition by pandering to the wet dreams of the Left and thus proposing Wealth Taxes and other bonkers measures that they know will never, ever see the light of day.

    Utter Bollox

    Rubbish you say?

    Hansard, 12 February 1979 vol 962 c417W 417W

    § Mr. George Rodgers asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer if he will make a statement on the introduction of a wealth tax.

    § Mr. Joel Barnett My hon. Friend will have seen the policy document "Into the Eighties" in which the Labour Party reaffirms, jointly with the TUC, its commitment to the introduction of an annual wealth tax.


    4 May 1979 defeated by Margaret Thatcher
  2. Will Harperson and the rest of the Millionaire Liebour Party Champagne socialists have to pay it?

    Probably not
  3. I thought all taxes (apart from duty and VAT) were on wealth?

    Another fundamentally flawed piece of socialist dogmatic nonsense.

    1. If the gap is getting bigger between richer and poorer, isn't it just that the rich are getting richer more quickly? The whole definition of poor changes routinely with poverty defined as less than 60% of national average wage. A rise in national average wage means that more people are suddenly nearer poverty with no change in their circumstance.

    2. If the poor are genuinely finding it harder to advance themselves, I would be more likely to blame the failure of the state educational sector, the discouraging effect on entrepreneurial spirit of rafts of legislation and the dependence on a benefit culture.
  4. Switzerland exists for a reason....
  5. She and her fetid cronies needs to be floating face down somewhere.
  6. Irrelevant in less than 6 months hopefully......jog on liabour!

    In the case of the execrable Harman, evil - undiluted evil.
  8. So we Tax those that can-be-bothered to go out and earn a decent crust, in order to be able to GIVE it to all those that can't be arrsed....!


    Maybe if the Nu Labour Project should stop imposing more and more Stealth Taxes on the Mondeo Man society that they conned into voting them in, then "The Poor" would have more fecking money left in their pockets and the rich would then be able to spend there's as They see fit and not how fat cnut Brown see's fit...
  9. No, we are mainly taxed on income and expenditure. I can't think of a particular wealth tax - although Council Tax comes pretty close in that it is based on the value of the house and is not affected by your ability to pay.

  10. Harridan Harperson and Friends of the Liar-bore Party have, like their lamented ex-leader, Sainted Teflon McB'Liar, have probably already got their ill-gotten gains salted away offshore somewhere to excape any Wealth Tax that they might have time to imposed to bollox everyone up...

    ..(all alleged of course)... but I wouldn't trust any of them at this time...... Bliar probably has his Moolah in Banksters in the Bermudas so he doesn't pay any tax on noti :? :x hng.....
  11. You have to love the mentality of this Government. Not content with a 50% income tax rate, they now want to tax assets. We might make a few quid in the short term, but we'll also drive the rich away to other countries and discourage the poor from ever trying to become rich - undermining the basic principle of capitalism and defying human nature at the same time.
  12. I compare Harperson with Christine Legard the French Finance Minister.
    One something you wouldn't have one off the back of the wrist over and the other as a very sensible politician.