Harp Bar, Sarajevo - CD - Its For Charity Mate

This is aimed at anyone who ever used the Harp Bar in Sarajevo in any of the 3 versions down the years (same Landlord and landlady) D*** the former Harp Landlord is looking to get a CD produced for Charity as well as nostalgia sakes and is looking for 20 - 40 songs as suggested by yourselves i.e. those who have downed an ale or two in the Harp and have a memorable song and possibly with your own story as to why that particular song was memorable to you in association with the Harp Bar.....

Fellas, I know this has the capability of the usual savagery but can Ia sk for comments only from those who were there since the proceeds will be going to Charity?

The first song "You'll Never Walk Alone" has already been nominated by D*** himself for all the fond memories of a small group of Expats and IFOR/SFOR personnel and the many times they have shook the walls much to the amusement and occasional shock of the locals.

So please, your sounds and stories behind them for the Harp Bar 1996 - 2005 Charity CD...

Thanks everyone...
If I remember correctly the Harp (s) was out of bounds to all SFOR Troops,

it kind of made the sessions all the sweeter
hedgie said:
If I remember correctly the Harp (s) was out of bounds to all SFOR Troops,

it kind of made the sessions all the sweeter
Correct..... but strangely there were always a small handful that made it over the wire or through the tunnel 8)
hedgie said:

I was part of that handful- God Bless the man who invented Force

Exemption cards
Good Man Hedgie, remember any tunes in particular that bring back memories?



Sadly the one tune that sticks in my mind from my times in the Harp (and the MAC Bar for that matter) in 99/00 was that irritatingly catchy Ricky Martin tune "Living La Vida Loca". It sticks in the mind as I remember one of the local girls who latched onto the MAC/international/Hash crowd called Maja and her female friends playing and dancing to it endlessly.

You may remember her. She was rather distracting to say the least - long blonde hair, body to die for - and had all her own teeth! I think she ended up working for UNDP or something. Happy days.
I think I may have the begining of Alzheimers cos I cannot remember one song from my time in the Harp.

Could be due to the fact that I was hammered last night and only had 2 and half hours kip before work this morning.
Will have to come back to this one
Sunday bloody sunday.......

I remember it always was played when a certain guy called Dragan or Dagan was there. He had a scar down one side of his face which he told us was a sniper bullet which he dodged (bulletproof monk lol).

I loved my sessions in there but also am glad to be rid of the place!!! (First tour of Bosnia was UNPROFOR in 1992 ansd no happy memories there....)

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