Harold Wilsons Proposed Invasion of Mozambique

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by seaweed, May 12, 2010.

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  1. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    I just had a letter from someone who claims to have been part of the 'Army Commandos' (I think he was RMFVR) actually boarding a ship in Plymouth 'when it was all called off'. Anybody know anything about this? Perhaps it was after the Fearless talks collapsed in 1968, but I was still in uniform then and can't remember any gossip about it; otherwise it would have had to have been during the Fourteenth Mr Wilson's brief second premiership 1974-6 and I had hung up my blue suit by then. What triggered my correspondent was meeting a Portuguese who said he had been under orders to blow up all the bridges between Mozambique and Southern Rhodesia if there was an invasion.
  2. Sounds like hot air to me.

    We wuz broke and Wilson had previously said that armed intervention wasn't an option in Rhodesia either.

    Glad to be corrected though - Interweb doesn't throw up anything related.
  3. Dont know about Mozambique in the 70's, but in the early 60's in N. Rhodesia during the UN's invasion & occupation of Katanga (part of the Congo), there were rumours of low level talks between units of the N. Rhodesian security forces & the S. Rhodesian security forces about a possible UDI in the event of the UN invading N. Rhodesia on its way to "liberating" the rest of Southern Africa from the develish Colonial occupiers! This came to nought when allegedly the British Govt sent units of the Parachute Reg and other units to Kenya with orders to occupy NR if this happened!
    We would have been quite happy to have a go at the UN but we refused to even consider fighting our own British troops!
  4. Ex_Colonial you may well be interested in reading the book - 'Chief of Station, Congo' with the sub-title of 'Fighting the Cold War in a Hot Zone' by Larry Devlin.

    Larry was the principal CIA spook for that region during the 1960 > '65 period and describes his brief for his tour of duty there.

    The book is published by PublicAffairs (sic) in 2007
    PS ISBN- 13;978-1-58648-564-1
  5. Not sure , never heard of the Porkers info,but the RAF were deployed to Zambia post UDI as a show of strength .

    Shame they had to get their fuel and landing instructions from the tower at Vic falls and Kariba while they were deployed :D
  6. Thanks for that "Alec_Lomas". I have read some books on that period but not that one. My knowledge or lack of it, comes from being on Border Patrol when I was in the N. Rhodesian Police alongside units of the S. Rhodesian forces, Selous Scouts, Rhodesian African Rifles, Rhodesian Light Infantry etc.
    I had contact with various Katangese units, mainly mercenaries & Gendarmery!