Harold Pinter dies

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by _Artemis_, Dec 25, 2008.

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  1. Harold Pinter passed away yesterday, aged 78 (Guardian article).

    Probably my favourite 20th C. playwright: couldn't be matched for unnerving, surreal and brilliantly observational drama, creating a claustrophobic atmosphere out of very sparse dialogue. A sad loss.
  2. Litotes: Such a shame.

    Litotes: RIP.
  3. RIP. For a raving Socialist his work was of great quality - I remember reading "The Caretaker" at school & being impressed by its power.
    IMHO though, I prefer theatre a little less serious - for me the leading British dramatist of the 1960s has to be Joe Orton.
  4. Brilliant, with Beckett, one of the 20th century greats.
  5. You are correct Kevin. A great playwright on a par with Becket.

    Interesting you have a tie to him of sorts.

    The IRA, supported financially by Noraid, nearly assassinated his wife Lady Antonia,(the RC daughter of an RC Irish peer) with a car bomb intended for her then husband and Caroline Kennedy. A passing cancer specialist was killed instead.

    I wonder what his widow thinks of the people who financed the murder. Have you no sense of shame Kevin??
  6. Agreed: and they sometimes displayed remarkably similar styles - Krapp's Last Tape, for example, could quite easily have been written by Pinter.
  7. Was he really a raving socialist? Perhaps that's why he never got on the Honours list or maybe he did and threw his invite in the bin. I remember the Dumb Waiter at college. I thought theatre was shite until I saw it in rainy Preston one nite and it was funny as fcuk.
  8. Yes, it could have been. But for all of that, I find Pinter's later works much less powerful than his earlier ones. It was almost as if, the more political he became, the less interesting his work became. He seemed to attempt to force it into absolutes to fit his ideology.