Harmony Period

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by needforspeed, Sep 20, 2007.

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  1. I hear that when 101 deploy this year, they will return to a further deployment some 12 - 16 months later back to the same place. And the pm/mod wonders why we have a retention problem. come on wake up and smell the coffee its on your desk where your pa put it.
  2. Provided their OC remembers to bring them back!!
  3. good evening woiii
  4. i hear that he likes to control his men by means of the point system
  5. I heard the only points he was intrested in was the ones collected at dunkin donuts
  6. on a serious note they return have a few months off then deploy again, with a different oc, i know that we are no different to the rest of the field army with the exception that we are a lot smaller, when will people learn that they cannot treat people like this and expect them to perform whatever cap badge you are.
  7. Is "SI" still with 101? I would have thought that that would have caused retention problems without deployments???????? :)
  8. Believe it or not its not SI thats causing the problems, although god help rear party!
  9. I never thought I'd stand up for him, but SI is not the problem.

    His personality is! :)
  10. S.I. ha ha ha, the man everyone whether friend or foe, all agree that they hate!
  11. Is that PA, or do they work with their dads?? ;)
  12. My apologies it is PA not their pappa. On a serious note though do we not wonder why so many people are leaving RMP and the wider army when this is how we treat them. all because the oc of whatever unit is after an mbe or something else, he hasnot even excepted help from other units, what the fcuk is he thinking
  13. Never mind lads...you've still got me.
  14. All hail the queen of scotland!
  15. I'll have you Fletcher!