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Apologies if this has been mentioned before ...

My Question is what are the rules regarding Harmonsation? I am due to go on tour less than 1 year from my last tour .....different unit, different theatre (still bad) but still less than one year ? Wife getting steamed, lack of time with young family etc etc

I am finding it hard to tell crafties that signing off is not the best option when they were on the same tour and i am in the same boat and the waters are rising! The Military Life has been good to me and i do look at things in a positive light , but i am swimming in dark waters and the good old CR is looming .........it is not the be all and end all anymore!

PM's are fine i realise the Journos are circulating looking for crumbs! :evil:

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I didn't know what Harminisation meant so I googled it. It seems EU regulations on plug, sockets and switches should not be your main concern.


Joking aside, one of the main reasons for signing off, I got out of another tour of Bosnia. They sent a young craftsman instead of me. At the end of tour, the lads came back for six months and then were going again., but this time they would have been there for The Millenium.
With Hindsight I regret it.
This is absolutley no help to you at all, but it's my hundreth post.
So waaaahhhey.

:?: Did you mean harmonisation :?:
Harmonisation is the move to align all the individual promotion boards across the Army; and I don't think you meant that in this instance!

You have included the answer in your question; and the position you adopt with your Craftsmen is that which you should also adopt.

It's the Army; if you don't like it, sign off. You will, no doubt, still be told to deploy, but the missus will know that there is an end-state. Save hard, plan your resettlement for your return and leave in good order.

Now, I must go and listen to Gordon explain how he is about to save the global economy and provide work for unemployed Army Officers with wives and children to support.... :twisted:

Litotes said:
Harmonisation is the move to align all the individual promotion boards across the Army; and I don't think you meant that in this instance!

Harmony is also the time spent deployed compared to the time spent back in the UK. So the OP is quite correct.

From Hansard.

Army harmony guidelines are that individuals should not exceed 415 days of separated service in any period of 30 months. At unit level, tour intervals should be no less than 24 months.

The decision on who should deploy is made by Joint Commitments in consultation with Headquarters Land Command, ratified by the chain of command.

Royal Navy harmony guidelines are that no individual should exceed 660 days of separated service in a three-year rolling period. Over a similar time span, ships or other units should not be deployed for more than 60 per cent. of their time.

Harmony Guidelines for the RAF are based on formed unit tour intervals rather than individual personnel, whereby formed units, or sub-elements within them should spend four months on deployed operations followed by 16 months at base.

The RAF Individual Separated Service assumption is that an individual should spend no more than 140 days of duty detached away from home in a rolling 12-month period. This allows for a four-month operational tour followed by three weeks of separated service due to routine tasks, unestablished commitments, unit assistance, pre-detachment training etc.

These are guidelines only and there will be shorter tour intervals where operational demands require it.
Just to add that the 415 days do not necessarily have to be LSA qualifying - therefore separations of 9 nights or less count towards the cumulative total in terms of harmony.

The 30 month period is a rolling one, thus you must calculate your separated service on a month by month basis - this means you must know how many days were spent separated each month back to June 2006. As each new month of separated service total is added the oldest month is subtracted from the total. You can therefore predict whether you are set to breech the harmony guidelines by deploying, and at which point in the tour this will happen.

All I can suggest is that you make the CoC aware that you are set to breech harmony guidelines if deployed. Ultimately however it is simply a guideline and there are many who exceed the Individual Harmony Guideline of 415 days.
Litotes is correct - Harmonisation is what he says it is. "Harmony guidelines" is not harmonisation.

Make sense? Good...
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