Harmonisation - Nights out of bed

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by lochie99, Jun 27, 2007.

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  1. I have just been asked to work out the number of days i have spent away from my unit as apparently the maxium number is 415 in a 30 month period. This is to include OP tours, OPTAG, courses etc. As I have significantly suppassed this number does that mean I can't deploy again until it drops down, what if I am keen to deploy again. Will they send someone else instead when they could have had a willing voulnteer?
  2. lochie

    Most likely this is to work out if a policy is working or not. I am sure that volunteers will not be turned away just because of this. The interesting question would be if you did not volunteer would you be sent?
  3. Thats a good question, there may be some kind of dispensation like drivers hrs when the need arises.
  4. We have a couple of junior ranks who have been naughty (AGAI 67 action in the form of extras) that are now non deployable due to doing too many overnight duties ect. Is an ongoing circle naughty boys get extras then cannot deploy so the good (not getting caught) lads get to do more work. The NOOB register in our sub unit is a big thing at the minute and is submitted regularly up the CoC for inspection and scrutinisation. i do think however if you volunteer and agree not to complain about time spent away from your bed/room/house then im sure that nobody would find it a problem deploying a willing volunteer.
  5. Reference harmonisation and nights out of bed.
    The following appeared on a set of Part Ones at my unit last Oct;

    Every soldier has a responsibility to ensure that every night he/she spends out of bed is recorded on UNICOM.
    The data in UNICOM is used by the MoD to prove to the government how busy the Army really is; it is used as evidence to the treasury and AFPRB to support pay increases.
    What is in it for the soldier?
    If a soldier exceeds the Individual Harmony Guideline (IHG), which is 415 nights out of bed in 30 months (960 days), then this should be brought to the attention of his Chain of Command.
    If a soldier exceeds the Individual Recuperation Limit (IRL), which is 560 nights out of bed in 30 months (960 days), then he should not be deployed without the Brigade Commanders Authority.
    Make sure your clerk records every night out of bed on UNICOM. This includes Guards and Duties.
  6. big un, slight problem ....... we don't use UNICOM anymore, only JPA. So whenever you go whereever (overnight) make sure that the local Arrivals Clerk books you in and also make sure that your "home" Arrivals clerk books you back in when you return. You can also check that your RAO/Sqn Clerk records any Guards/Duties that you do where you don't sleep in your own bed.
  7. Its official the system is scaring me! We as a standing army cannot deploy people because they have been employed on guard duties in camp.

    I know I've been away from Regtl life for a couple of years in puzzle palace but this is barking.

    Next AGAI 67 action you have I'm sure there must be a Gate Guard in Sandy climes would love a few days off!!
  8. Oops passed that higher number as well, an I haven't been a naughty boy or done guard for a while. Dont some how think a Bde Comd is going to let little old me deploy then. But that rises the question what about career course away from the unit, can you still go? I am sure I am not the only one in this situation.
  9. Perhaps one of the ideas is to highlight the fact that you've been deployed a great deal, and to have senior Chain Of Command involvement in deploying you again so that you have a chance to get your career courses in. Just a thought....
  10. The AG issued instruction on the recording & reporting of SSRR under JPA in AG/HQ/1/14/11 dated 05 April 07, Annex C to this Reference details the process for recording SS on JPA. It all has to be recorded retrospectivly.