hArmless Vet

The croc was lucky.

It could have been handbags at dawn.
Nice to see the hand still showing the contempt for the croc, with the internationally recognised gesture of 'wnaker'.
nips said:
I think the vet must have been wearing crocodile shoes.
nah, he just had "jimmy nail" playing in the background. :D :D :D :D
They shot the croc twice and the bullets bounced off just stunning it!!! Feck me, thats either a hardcore croc or they were using a spud gun. 8O
Perhaps the croc was originally from Chobham.
This is my favorite bit of the article..

Meanwhile, in Argentina, the TV channel America, reported that a sudden and brutal attack by an anteater had severely damaged a female zookeeper's stomach, liver and lungs at a zoo in Buenos Aires.
Imagine that sicknote!

A worker at the zoo told the television station that the attack was an accident, and said the animal was not punished in response.
How can you be accidentally attacked by an anteater??? But at least they didn't put it on RoPs!
Apparently the worker 'accidentally' said "Fcuk off big nose" to the anteater and it took exception.

Accidentally of course.
Maybe the zookeeper 'accidentaly' spilt the anteaters pint, possibly.
The readers 'comments' are about as funny as prostate cancer

The croc was only trying to disarm its perceived enemy, well it did bite off more than it can chew.

wing, poole, Dorset

Better arm yourself if you are reaching into the croc pen.

Mark, London, UK

Is this a typical case of biting the hand that feeds you?

wing, poole, Dorset

Ooh! I bet that hurt!

Michael J Rigby, Chorley Lancashire, England

I don't know why everyone is so worried, it just looks like a bit of 'armless fun to me.

Patrick, London,
However, I did notice that they were all southerners that replied, which says something. (except the lad fromLancs, but he has a southern name, and deserves to be put in with this group).
Is Chorley southern Lancashire?

Still it gets the puns out of the way otherwise people will only complain.
The croc now has first hand experience.
But didn't want secondhand.

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