Harman Trophy?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by combatintman, Sep 20, 2006.

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  1. So folks - I've had vague debriefs of this year's Harman Trophy - I know the results and all the 'the referee's a wnanker' stories - but did anything remotely interesting happen or is the Harman a bunch of old to$$ since it moved from Loughborough?
  2. Who won the mens?
  3. It was a quality weekend, despite losing to DISC in the final. Same routine really, kick ball in air, chase ball, clatter opponent. Repeat to fade. The American team were really whiney and dirty in every game and subsequently took a few late hits.... Shame. DISC were the best team by far though. Much drinking of beer and ill advised trips to bedford, despite being barely able to walk... awesome.
  4. DISC were very lucky to have made it into the final. They were outplayed by the Vets in the semis - For anyone that watched that semi I think you would all agree !!!!!
  5. CSM IDM Coy is still hobbling around with dodgy feet even now!
  6. Actually, thats a good point. The vets took them to extra time, I think?
  7. What the hell does the Harman Trophy got to do with football?
  8. He's got a valid point there.
  9. Exactly - that's why I posed the question - I know all of the results but have heard few tales of drinking and derring do and the only answer on this post so far that deals with anything other than football mentions ill-advised trips to Bedford.

    Although I have only attended twice (Montgomery and Harman) - they were both at Loughborough and they were bloody good weekends. In my view the Harman has been bonk ever since it moved to Chicksands. So if it was a good weekend then let's hear some stories other than 'such and such scored a lucky goal'.

    Otherwise I reckon it should be held somewhere else with something resembling a decent social life within close staggering/taxi distance - Cyprus or Gibraltar leap to mind here.
  10. How about moving it around to different places every year? London, York and Edinburgh all meet the staggering/taxi criteria for starters.