Harman lines LAD

Discussion in 'REME' started by armr617, Feb 23, 2010.

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  1. Anybody got any recent experience of this place?
    Just rx'd an assignment order there.
    Have heard varying reports of the pace of life there, my main downer on it is that its non-deploying, gutted
  2. Take the posting (what is with this assignment shit?) enjoy the down time and take some nice pictures mate ;)
  3. Methinks you will be spending lots of time on the "Plain", Opfor, Demo's etc...

    P.S. Warminster is a great nighr on the lash !!! - NOT
  4. As said, lots no LOTS of time on Salisbury plain. Turn your watch back 300 years before you enter Warminster and you should be ok :lol:
  5. Enjoy your runs up the hill and leave the Bell alone everyone else has taken it apart, but lots of time on the Plain - just remember out the gate turn right and when you get to the red flags stop!
  6. i left in 2001 but i can honestly say it was one of the best postings i had, i was with the armd sqn up there.

    it may have changed since but hopefully not, yes your on the plain a lot but i enjoyed that. work wise think BATUS, very busy and doing your trade a lot.

    enjoy it, i certainly did.
  7. I was at the bottom wksp when it was LWC and both are great postings, warminster is deffo good on the ale, would love to go back there but no time left to.
  8. Done Harman Lines twice and would do it again....

    Still get to visit occasionally but only to give out this abundance of REDs that I keep in stock...

    Best part is the BBQs, which they are on their 2nd of the season next week. Keep em coming.

    Hard graft and very rewarding, just takes a lot of your time and your families.
  9. Oh no Scotty! Don't say you're posted there! I was doing that LWC from Tidworth up until last year. It's crazy busy. Worked a lot of Sundays and late on Fridays, spent way too much time going to Castle Martin and Lulworth, and being out on the plain Sun-Thurs playing enemy.
  10. same as this chap (we crossed over, as it were)
    Busy, very little in the way of duties, learn lots about your trade (and some of the other trades as well, for that matter)
    one downside is that you end up knowing SPTA grid refs from memory 8O which can be quite embarassing