Harleys - yes or no?

  • Yes, best thing I've ever owned. Japs? Pah!

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  • Gay. Not a chance, overpriced nonsense.

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Bored with my 98 Hornet. Does what it does and does it well, the odd hack here and there, getting into London and all the rest of it but I'm piss bored with it. I wanted something with bit more character, not an out and out rice rocket, not a tourer or anything else that falls in between and a mate happened to mention Harleys. I scoffed at first as I'd never really bought into the Harley thing and always viewed them as luxury items for those that can afford them and not 'true' bikes but niche machines if you know what I mean.

Anyway, I was walking along Albert Embankment last week and the unmistakable throb of a short-piped Harley came up the road and hoved into view. First off, what a noise, I mean really unbelievable, sent tingles down my spine. Secondly, what a visual feast. This thing was all black, stripped, LED indicators (sounds naff but worked, oddly) and those pipes. Turned out it was one of these, an 883 Iron Sportster:


I must admit, I was quite taken with this beast so nipped down to my local Harley dealer this weekend and had a skeg. Then I saw one of these, a V-Rod Nightrod Special:


I'll admit that I practically wet myself when I saw that, in the flesh it's just unbelievable. I got chatting with the manager about these beasties and he couldn't have been more helpful if he tried and he's booked me in next weekend to take them both out for a ride. He also told me to take my time, ride anything I wanted when I wanted and as often as I wanted until I was happy. I mentioned that I might be bringing a mate and he said no problem, we'll find something for him to ride as well. Had a coffee, got chatting to some of the other Harley owners, (I normally keep myself to myself in bike shops but these blokes came over and started chatting to me. WTF?) and even the Doris got all excited about some of the bikes (she won't get on the Hornet, hates it) and the clothes and all the rest of it, the whole feel of it. Last time I went into a Honda dealership, I got well and truly rodded off when i asked about a test ride.

Is this a fundamental shift in biking attitude that I'm experiencing? Am I going to ride one of these beast next week and join a Harley Owners Club, grow a goatee on leave? Am I having a mid-life crisis? ****!

Any Harley owners out there in ARRSELand?
No - they all grew up and bought British


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Harleys, horribile davidsons. Worthless worse than Nortons. Posed along by ******* who couldn't ride shite into a barrel, ride in the wet or negotiate a corner.
Difference between a Hornet,and a Hardley..................Hornets go around corners................quickly! 8)
If you really must have a big grumbly vee-twin, consider a Buell. They're not gay and they do go round corners....quickly.
If you really must have a big grumbly unreliable vee-twin, consider a Buell. They're not quite as gay and they do go round corners but not very....quickly.
Fixed it for you
Have you got a big Hornet or a little one, i think the big one's a de-tuned blade lump so it must be good fun , if a bit softer, albeit a bit more real world friendly. I think riding a hardley into town would be a massive pain after a while. i ride in every day and have done for over twenty years and it's not getting better. A Harley wont go through gaps like a Hornet so you will just be sitting at the back of a que, sort of defeats the object.
Now I'm after some advice, I'm after a bike soon but due to my knees being fucked I can't go tight anymore so need something more relaxed, so any ideas please?
Whats wrong with a Speed Triple? Like many other things built by Septics it may look good on the outside but will invariably let you down at some point and is, relatively speaking, low tech.
Bit like this one then.
I have a harley ,,, I use it as an anchor for my yacht,, peice of overweight americana shite, all they did was stop it leaking and now sell it as a lifestyle accessorie for middle age crisis victims ,,,,, i had a triumph Rocket 3 for a while , british muscle , 2.3 liter powerhouse ,,, i need a big bike cos i have a small cock , so whats your excuse for owning a yank TRACTOR,,hardly movingson BUY BRITISH , DRINK STOUT ;-) ;-)


Good job i never bought one. What model is the one i posted above. My brother was given that as a present from his company for 15 years service. (American Company) best thing is he doesn't have a licence.:)


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Harleys are disgraceful machines and useful for looking stupid. Buells are no better as they are Harleys without the badge (Herbie J's from Cardinal Hat, anyone?).

Wetting yourself when seeing one is usually the result of laughter, not largely dissimilar to seeing City boys tooling up on Beema GS models with all the lights, thinking that they are a bit rough 'n' ready.
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