Harley for sale

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by trickywoo, Jun 19, 2009.

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  1. Hi folks,

    I'm selling my Hog.

    Here's the gen...

    Harley Dyna Glide Super Custom. It’s an 05 model on an 04 plate (5 gears).

    Purchased from Shaw Harley Davidson in East Sussex in Jan 09 for £9000

    Selling for £8000 ono

    It's in mint condition with the following Harley extras:

    Stage 1 tune

    Full Eagle pipes (incredible sound and legal too)

    Forward controls which make the bike much more comfortable and better looking

    Custom, comfortable seat

    Detachable screen

    Leather luggage (tear on left hand side so will include luggage for free but cost me £350)

    Harley badged "bitch bar"

    Luggage rack

    Lay-back license plate

    Mag wheels (£1000)

    Harley factory alarm

    others too once I get around to listing them

    All the extras are documented in the immaculate Harley paperwork with costings. The previous owner spent thousands which is odd if you ask me as he then sold it via Harley at 13,000 miles. I’ve used her to commute on a few times and to the pub at weekends and also for a 1 week, 2,500 mile tour of the Alps in April (pics attached to show all luggage fitted).

    If you’d like more specific pics or to see the bike in London or Sussex please email me here and we can arrange a meet.

    Thank you
  2. Does it come complete with Harley Davidson registered trademark sneer for the rider to wear?
  3. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    My commiserations to you or are you upgrading?
  4. What to? A Massey Ferguson?

    (I'm just jealous as I can't afford one)
  5. I've got a Triumph Tiger for the commute and I had an K12LT for touring so the Harley was always just for fun but I now find the Tiger does everything perfectly (I had an R12GS which did too but always broke down) and the LT also broke down and is now sold but again the Tiger does it all so the Harley is in the garage permanently so it's got to go. It's a shame as it's a georgeous machine and the sound is just incredible but I use it perhaps 20 miles a month. I'm actually off on a War Walk over the Somme in 5 minutes and I'm taking the Tiger on the Eurotunnel then to Ghent / Arras for the weekend. Normally, this would be perfect for the Harley but this Trumpet just really does it for me every time.