Harley Davidson MT350

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by commzmeanzbombz, Jan 10, 2010.

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  1. Has anyone had any experience of these bikes? I used them years ago briefly and fancy getting one for some greenlaning.

    You can pick up a fairly decent one for around £1250 but its not registered/MOT etc.

    How much would it cost to get it road legal?

    Are they fit for purpose and what are they like for parts?


  2. For 1200 quid you an get an early 90`s XR, Honda,DR suzuki or XT Yamaha.
    All of which are significantly better for greenlaning.
    Contact the TRF, they will be your best resource for info
    Unless you really really want a Harley, there is much better out there, already road legal for the money.

  3. Can`t help personally but there`s a bit about them HERE and HERE and HERE
  4. there is one on e bay now for £1500, road legal, i rode them thought they were under powered, and heavy for off roading, ok for winter hack i suppose.. sorry not sure whats it like for easy spares, but these days it shouldnt be to hard to find with the net
  5. Brilliant, cheers fellas
  6. I rode one on Ex Hard Ride in 07, we took 10 bikes from Gronnigen, Holland, to Tariffa, Spain off road over the course of a month, for the most part they did well considering most riders were novice off roaders - small fact that they all got written off when we got back though :)
  7. Most will be knackered. In great condition they are overweight and underpowered. In poor condition they can be very hard to get running decently at all. Watch out for broken frames! Novelty value is the only reason for owning one but they should be road legal as is apart from the paperwork aspect.

    I saw a few examples in great condition that I believe were ex-Canadian Army examples. All the Brit Army ones I have ever seen have been on their last legs.
  8. agree with the bold, you can buy lighter,faster and easier to maintain ones off auto trader for similar money.
    if this is your first pop out side the green machine a 250 4 stroke would be perfect,light plenty of power for a novice, and easy to maintain engines.
  9. And by the way, it says Harley Davidson on the side but it isnt a Harley. Harley just took over the company that produced that bike. That is a rotax engine and parts should be available from non-harley sources. The carb is a keihn C-V. I am not sure if it is the same size as the one on late model pre-injection sportsters but if it is, parts should not be hard to get.
  10. Can only comment on the ones I have seen, and most of those have been in poor condition. As previously mentioned, many of the British ones have lead hard lives.
    A friend bought two of these from a military sales place a couple of years ago, I offered to give advise, abuse and help twirl spanners as required.
    The bikes were sat in their garage had a quick look over them, picked the one that looked most complete, they were all missing bits and started to resurect it. First thing that happened when kicking engine over was a jet of rusty water shot out from where the spark plug should have been yes it had been left outside without a plug in for god knows how long.
    That one was pushed to one side. Looking at the next one, seemed intact had a spark plug, but unfortunatley no sump!!!
    All the bikes friend had looked like they had been canablised by persons unknown however I suspect it wont take an IQ of millions to figure out, and it took a couple of days of robbing peter to pay paul to get just one to fire up and run.
    Even then, starter relay burst into flames after it was used a couple of times and the engine seemed very wornas in wouldnt pull skin off rice pudding and clanked and smoked rather a lot.
    Like I say, only experience I have had of these bought from disposal ,may not be typical, but would reccomend that you give whatever you are looking at a very good look over before parting with any money.
    Good luck if you decide to go down this route, as I suspect you will be buying what is often referred to as an 'Enthusiasts Machine' as in you`ll be very familiar with workshop manual and inside of garage,(Don`t want to use the Shed word)
  11. I have a 350 which I am fitting a Rotax 500 Electric Start engine into and a 500 project for a complete rebuild.

    The engines are bomb proof and easily maintained.

    Spares readily available.

    Everything you need to know is here:-

    MT Riders Club


    Most of the bad press is from Army riders who know feck all about motorbikes and just thrashed them into the ground, literally.

    Some good ones for sale through this club, on the road, overhauled and ready to go. Plus knowledgeable blokes.
  12. Just out of curiosity C M B, what did you decide to get in the end?
    If it was a Harley 350,can you update us on how its progressing?
  13. I think im going to go for the MT 350, mainly because of the novelty rather than practicality!

    Im going to wait for the right one at the right price but I will keep you updated!
  14. Dont do it!

    Honda XR or Suzuki DR 350 Enduro. Believe me the novelty will wear off when you are overtaken by a pensioner on a mobility scooter, but then you probably wont be able to do anything about it because you'll be too tired from trying to move it from A to B.

    one word


  15. I am a STAB rider and have competed with these monsters,
    i have my own ktm which i rebuild every summer. the harleys are bullet proof bikes that just run shit over weight and underpowered!