Hare Krishna types in the Army!?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Ozduke, Oct 11, 2007.

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  1. My initial thoughts are of the dress wearing Boy George and mongs dancing through the streets of London with bells, drums and whistles...oh, maybe they were morris dancers....anyway....

    I've just been told by Tara that some Hare Krishna chap, complete with a bum touching pony tail is going to enlist into this unit on Saturday!!

    He did say to the recruiting Sergeant that "you have to make war before you can make peace"!!

    Any thoughts on this or any precedents back home?


  2. Oh boy. Once I was instructing on a high-school co-op recruit course for the Rederves. We had a recruit who proffessed to be of the Baha'ai faith.Wouldn't even TOUCH a weapon (even for drill). Some recruiter who need desperately to be face-shot told her that as a future medic, she didn't have to. Started screaming human rights up the whazoo. We accomodated her until she finally gave up.We made her go around the class supplying all her buddies with pull-throughs, CLP. bore brushes and the like as THEY cleaned their weapons. Useless. What's next, Jains with their gay particle masks and little brooms?! Next it'll be turbans in the RCMP (oh, wait .. that's right... nevermind)
  3. I can't see how their beliefs will fit in with the Army.

    I thought they were pacifists?
  4. Me too. The recruiting blokes said he's one of the best blokes he's seen for a while.

    Then again, maybe he had nice hair.
  5. Its a trick. He just wants to drum up some business for hare. He's obviously bored of hanging around on the streets trying to flog rubbish little books and thinks he can do it in the comfort of your TAC.
  6. Maybe. But I look fwd to seeing what he does with his hair and bangles!
  7. Does kind of call into question the general standard of blokes he gets through the door at that place :)
  8. Tards mainly.
  9. Mind you if he'd dressed in orange in Iraqistan the rest of us won't need to worry about being a target!
  10. :D If he does the Hari dance they will need to be good shots to hit him :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  11. There are several countries around the world which draw from their countries buddhist majority, amongst them Thailand and Japan
  12. I thought they were Hindu?
  13. Checked it out with the CIA World Fact Book, both have Buddhist majorities, the Japanese have more Shinto than ordinary buddhists (don't know the difference except that Shintoism is a variation of Buddhism)
  14. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Hare Krisna types are Hindu, certainly not Buddhist. Krisna is a Hindu God - one of a very large number!

    That didn't of course stop the Indian Army in WW2 being the largest ever Volunteer armed force in the history of the World (a record still unsurpassed). They fought bloody well, so I wouldn't worry about this chap too much, in all honesty. There are pacifists in most religions, but that doesn't mean that all religious persons are pacifists.

    And he'll cook a mean veggy biryani.
  15. I think they get an religious bonus if there slaughtering Muslims :twisted: well it seems to be bit of a pastime in india :twisted: