Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Auld_Sapper, Jun 15, 2004.

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  1. TWO ONE, TWO ONE !!!!! Gubbed by the frogs ye useless fcuks. Beckhams a fcuking shit stabbin nonce and Svens a swede.

    Ubique ya bass !!!
  2. Be quiet you wife beating, red nosed, ginger haired, alcoholic no hoper.

    Did Scotland make it to the finals this time? hows the rugby team doing?
  3. If this comment had come from a Brazilian or even a dutchman who's country had a first rate team then that would be a fair one, but coming from a country who's football team rivals china's women's five-a-side team is a bit rich... but feel free to start a comparison war if you will, after all porridge land has churned out so many sporting legends in the last twenty years has it not??
  4. Who gives a shite about Scottish football ? Played by over paid foriegn tits and supported by knuckle dragging, bigoted, sectarian pond life. Rugby ? well thats played by the knuckle dragger gargoyles. Nope, feck all to do with football boys, more to do with yur English pomposity, egotism and overblown sense of superiority getting a well over due twat in the nuts.
    1966 !? 19 fecking 66 !!? PAH, shove it up yer erse. 'Course, we would'nt go on and on and on about if we won the world cup :wink:


    Ubique ya bass !!!!!!!!
  5. 8O What you got against the rinky's wummins footie team ?

    Oh, and we're the Curling world champs !!! so stick that in yur pipe and smoke it !!

    Ubique ya bass !!!

  6. What about Jocky feckin Wilson then, eh ?



    Fcuk sport, what about the Bay City Rollers then, you'se produced feck all in that sort of league !!!

    Ubique ya bass !!!!
  7. World Curling Champs.

    Bit like World Baseball Series innit. :wink:
  8. Fcuk it is !!! Played by stout, scarey school marm look alikes weilding feck off big brushes not sepic poofs in plus fours playing rounders FFS.

    Ever had yur stones flung the length of an icy pond and then rubbed by stiff bristled brooms ?

    AAAAHHHHHH the memories !

    Ubique ya bass !!!!!!!!
  9. Fair one - Jockanese women (and i use the term loosely) are better with a bass broom. Couldn't send one down south could you? My gaff is a right state at the moment.
  10. How many do ye want, dude ? Ye can have as many of the whingeing, money grabbing, pasty skinned, obese, gobby, unappreiative heefers as ye like.* The brooms are extra mind !!

    Me ? I married a paddy. Took the hearts and minds shoite a bit far. Still makes for interesting domestics.

    *Obviously, as I am generalising here, I exclude from the above description :
    a) me mother
    b) me granny
    c) any of the,obviously, hot, good looking honeys that have had the pleasure of me caber up thier sporrans.

    Ubique ya bass !!!!!

    P.S. The best thing about getting a BJ from a cockney lass ?
    It shuts off that horrible fecking accent !!!
  11. How unpredictable.

    A Jock gloating about the English losing a footie match.

    How are the Scots doing in te competition?

    Bought your replica Swiss top yet?

  12. Better believe it F.E.B !


    BTW, I here on the news that your animal supporters are at it again. 'Course
    the FW's they interviewed claimed it was the Polis overreacting :roll:
    tsk, tsk, tsk, canny take ye's anywhere.

    At least we're happy losers :wink:

    Ubique ya bass !!!!!
  13. Happy losers yes....but then you have more experience in it than we do
  14. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    Like shooting fish in a barrel. The Eng-er-land fans are easier to wind up than the Spams. :wink:

  15. Harldy surprising when the bulk of our footballers are malnourished, uneducated,pie eating, soap dodging Weajie tea leafs....but.....WGAF, far better to concentate on what yer good at than cover up yer inadequacies by
    investing so much national pride in bunch of over paid puffs !

    Ubique ya bass !!!