Hardwearing bag?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by eastcoaster, Nov 30, 2011.

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  1. So what, you can have the seems rip and dump all your kit on the floor? Those things are only decent when you get them free but otherwise not worth the money. Cheap and poorly made.
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  2. I've had my hardwearing bag for twenty years now, the ******* bitch simply won't leave me!
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  3. Mountain Equipment or North Face PVC duffel bags. Very big and very solidly made.
  4. Mine's lasted me years. Perhaps it's you that's the issue?
  5. Seconded. Get a North Face one and you have guaranteed quality. The problem with the issue grip is that it simply isn't up to the kicking that it will get when you eventually plunge off of the side of the jungle-gym or whatever you happen to be rigging yourself to.

    Seriously though: Base Camp Duffel - L | 90 Litre Duffel | The North Face
  6. Thank you one and all,
    not sure about North Face, I was a big fan untill I spoke to a woman who is in charge of returns at an outdoors place and she said that north face bags were the most commonly returned brand for faults! Might go for a tesco bag for life, lets see em honour that pledge!

    Cheers EC
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  7. CRUX

    Take a look at their sleeping bags too; ally kit.
  8. As recommended by GCHQ apparently
  9. The Lowe Alpine duffels take a fair battering. Had mine eight years & except for a bit of stitching on the velcro which holds the handles together when carrying coming undone & a small burn hole still in excellent nick. Only downside is no shoulder strap, but the carrying handles are large enough to sling an arm through.
  10. Troll!

    I've had a look on their website and can't find the rope bags and equipment bag that they produced for me 20-odd years ago but the Rescue bag seems quite similar, though I'm not sure how it has been divided into two compartments.

    Troll used to compete with Petzl as a manufacturer of climbing equipment - harnesses, bags, metalwork, etc., but their stuff was more practical than pretty. It's good stuff and you can get your bags etc made to order. Haven't a clue how much it costs, though.

    rescue bag
  11. Got my black deployment bag..... Lasted a month so thought Arrsers will have good recommendations for a replacement. Is the 90L North Face adequate? Deploy fairly soon!
  12. Nice bag! Amazing you get something like this for £169 but Camelbak charge around £140 for a daysack! Have you got this hold all then?