Hardship dosh for all on Telic 2?


Just a thought, what is this all abouty in the Current Bun? I know our chefs get and rightly so, 88 degrees and no showers all day! (hold that image)

Plus the Guard who stand in the sun all day! Not sure why the rest of us in the a/c would deserve it, although the pay bloke has said we won't get it- apparantly the cash come straight from his account! He's scanning the DCI and Pay and Allowances book to try and stop it! Nice chap!

Any thoughts?
Just one to add on that Qman reports last week that personnel will be getting an extra £15 per week for living in $hitty accom. Paper work is probably at Bde but cannot imagine them rushing that through as they are all in air con so it will not affect them!! Funny enough pay bloke not to hopeful on that one aswell!!!

Seeing as I have plastic flooring and a camp cot does that mean I fail to qualify aswell?
We got PWUC (Pay for Work in Unpleasant Conditions) for being based in Shuibah Port in Kuwait due to the fact we were living in the middle of an oil/petrol refinery/cement factory/sulphur plant. £2.06 per day is well worth taking 5 years off of your life.

I have also seen that paperwork from 1 (UK) Armd Div for the Chefs to get it as per normal for working in hot kitchens, no start date on the letter though, but I would take it as being from date of arrival in aforementioned hot kitchen !!

The rules are quite simple, put a case up the chain and hope you get lucky.

Shame that Officers are not entitled to this though :p
Do you think that all these allowances will be backdated to those on Telic 1, who were not only living off their vehicles for the most part but were being shot at and shelled as well. Didn't see any air conditioning either.
Looks as though only the chefs are going to benefit with the extra money(not that they need it). Although will admit doing a sterling job out here and I certainly wouldn't want to work in those conditions, bad enough as it is outside.

Seems the bit about extra pay for bad Accom was just thought up by the papers. Never mind looks as though we are all doing it for the love of the job again.
youll be wanting the army to pay for your flights to and from Iraq next!!


babiesarm said:
Moan moan moan moan moan, if you don't like it join the fire brigade :twisted:
We aint moaning, we're just quoting the Sun, I wouldn't atke the pittance as it pushes me into super tax!
Any chance I could get it the allowances backdated to OP-GRANBY, I think my mini bar stopped working while I was defending Bahrain from the Hyatt. I mean warm Becks...yuk 8) 8)
Not sure if its all worth beefin' about. In GW1, the only folks I saw gettin the dosh were the "shit burners"...man were they welcome to it!



The same reason why alot of the people here have said, stick the £15, its an insult- double it and give it to the blokes who deserve it in the kitchen and the Gate! By the way as already stated- "No I dont want it"
We wouldn't need hardship dosh if the pay and allowances made sense. Notwithstanding the ongoing fiasco over pay 2000 increments, can anyoner tell me why is it that LSSA is taxed? Presumably those on the lower tax band suffer more of the stress/distress/angst of separation as compared with 40% tax payers? :?

Hardship pay might be more appropriate for the poor buggers who have not been anywhere and yet still have to put up with everybody else's bloody war stories from TELIC 1.


I believe the MoD use the 13% X-Factor payment to say everyone get an extra payment onto of their wages! They are saying they dont want to pay all and sundry the unpleasant work money- as it devalues the £2.50 odd a day!
I understand that working in unpleasant conditions is not very nice, but please remember that we all joined the army for the job that it is there for, we shouldnt whinge and moan when we get there and its crap, hot, smelly etc... if you dont like it you could always leave or transfer to the RAF and stay in a 5 star hotel.


TM, I would hate to think that jibe was directed to me- if the cap fits and all......!

It's not soldiers wingeing, but a statement that the Tabloids got hold of to embarress the MoD, (Not that that is hard at the moment!) and now have put the payment in the hands of the Unit CO's!If they want to pay it to the air con warriors then staff it up the chain!

Most of the punters in my location have more chance getting Norway LOA than the PUWC. I have spend 23 years moaning- but I have put up with my $hit, as have all my collegues I have worked with- we appreciate the 13% X-Factor pays for the unpleastness! Unlike some I could mention, who are first on the phone crying for the Engineer to come fix their air-con as its been down 6 nanno seconds! Cap fitting and all?
not having a dig at you Q-Man, ha id be the first into the hotel and banging on the pay blokes door every 5 minutes, as theyll find out very soon :twisted: :twisted:
its not a real deployment if its got air con. if you aint Cav you aint, if the cap fits wear it, all the gear no idea etc etc etc..............
Not heard from you in a while, internet connection ok? or major dramas?
Can i sum this up fellas at the end of the day we went through the war on wot some of u are callin telic 1 i was with 16 Blair assault bde and trust me it was knocking on the door of 63 degrees at some points and we were still figjhting so i hope the muppet whos decided this is gonna give us some back pay oh and by the way for the record we were no where near basra and the air con and we went on to frsh about a month b4 we came home and waited for the jocks to take over b4 the showewrs were miraculously worked ... some of u dont know u were born .....

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