Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by billc, Jan 1, 2009.

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  1. BUM Merchants, You English, bunch of poofs.
  2. Has one had one shandy to many? (i.e three)
  3. Obvoiusly a jock whose blatent knobber
  4. Looks like you've had even more to drink than me, mate! :D

    Put the beer down and step away from the keyboard. There's a good lad... :roll:
  5. Sound advice, as a fellow jock I suggest you listen to the man and go tits up until the morning.

    That's what i'm going to do anyway.
  6. It's all very embarrassing; I can only hope he's Welsh! 8O :D

    Happy New Year.

  7. A splendid example of good English.
  8. He's going to punch the lights out of his laptop?

    Have I got this right?
  9. Ain't they all :D well done Bill first arrse throbber of the New Year

  10. You get back in your cot wee man whilst I give yer mum the good news without lubricant.
  11. Cheers Lads, just wanted to see the response I got.
  12. Did ya f*ck !! you got bladdered and thought you were Rocky, now ya sober and thinking what a complete cnut you are and trying to worm out of it, admit it. :D
  13. And I have read all your books.
  14. Well then explain , who upset you last night . Bit lame for a wahh go on spill the beans there's a good lad , are you welsh .