hardest part of basic

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by adam123, Sep 26, 2008.

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  1. hi, i'm in the process of joining and will be off to bassingbourne soon hopefully, i wondered what people who hav epassed through basic thought was the hardest part? cheers
  2. spelling the name of your ATR. ;)
  3. It depends on the individual. Some may find learning difficult, and struggle with drill/weapon lessons etc. Other may not be as fit as some and find the exercise harder. Others may be a sleepmonster and find the Exercises hard on them.
  4. Nothing in basic is difficult in itself. The difficulty is in changing from an idle civvy tosser into something resembling a soldier, and being able to do all the things that are wanted, all at the same time, and to perfection, without really having to think about it too much... and I do not mean 'don't think' I mean it being natural and instinctive. And try to spell properly. Good luck.
  5. Some may find that they can't stand being with other people 24/7 They generally don't last very long as they tend not to be good team players. You really are going on a journey of discovery, enjoy the ride.
  6. Start a week monday and cannot wait to find out :D
  7. The hardest part is giving up your comfort zone(s). Best advice - keep your mouth shut, eyes & ears open. but don`nt give up!!! :oops:
  8. You will do well to think on the fact that you have ears and mouth in the ratio of 2:1 for good reason. Knuckle down and enjoy it mate, you will look back on Basic with fondeness in years to come :D

    Good luck :D
  9. Keep your cool and find your zone of inner tranquillity when this SOB is talking to ya and you ought to do well. Keep your lip buttoned and your ears wide open old son. :wink: :giggle:

  10. The hardest bit for me was having to stand to attention on an icy February night (1800-2100 then 0500-0700) because my section commander didn't think we were performing well enough. Despite the fact that we were the best at everything.

    Mind you, he was from 2 Para and called Psycho Bob for a reason.
  11. Head down and Gob shut
    When you think you have nothing left to give find some more to dish out
    Enjoy yourself, you will look back on it and smile
  12. The hardest part is at the end, leaving the best/closest mates ever to be in the shite with - but going on to be with the best/closest mates ever to be in the shite with, good luck mate :wink:
  13. Can't say what the hardest bit is because it's a long time ago and down to the individual but the best advice I received was:

    When you're feeling like you can't carry on, it's all getting too much, the Army isn't for you etc...

    Take a look about you and you'll see some poor b'stard who's taking a hell of a lot more flak than you. If he can handle it, so can you.

    I'm fairly sure that bloke was me for a lot of the ten weeks but I made it!
  14. The first week of boring admin