Hardest Dr Who monster

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by MrPVRd, Apr 19, 2006.

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  1. Forget the new Dr Who, the monsters are all far too complex with feelings and such nonsense.

    Which is the hardest Dr Who monster from the good old days?

    Daleks - extremely silly concept but a very sinister voice

    Cybermen - the hardest in my opinion humbe opinion, particularly because of the aversion to gold

    Sontarans - very nasty, let down by the hole at the nape of the neck

    Ice Warriors - hard, but there is only two of them
  2. Had to be the Cybermen. As a kid I was convinced that they were under the bed. Regularly had to get my mother to carry out inspections to make sure that there were none in wait.

    Silly I know, but as a child they frightened the hell out of me.
  3. Cybermen! But the vampire viking sea monsters scared the cr@p out of me when I was a kid (Wolves of Fenwick?)


    Bonnie Langford!!!!!
  4. Cybermen or the Sea Devils who captured nuclear subs off the Isle of White back in the Pertwee years
  5. Got to be Cybermen or Sea Devils...

    Cybermen hardest but Sea Devils more scary.

    Seem to remember Sea Devils weren't 7.62mm NATO proof though!!!
  6. Used to think it was these evil b@stards...


    But, on second thoughts, perhaps not. The cold hard light of adulthood and other scary things like Clare Short have put paid to that. The Yeti were always at the back of my mind in every dark corner, but today they wouldn't look out of place on Sesame Street. The illusion is further shattered when I discover that the sound effect of a Yeti's roar was created by running the sound of a flushing toilet backwards.
  7. Definitely not these useless numpties:


    Well, that's buggered up their plans to dominate the universe then :(
  8. Sea Devils scariest end of first episode when one appears coming out of the sea I was behind the sofa before the Doctor looked round. Cybermen hardest.
  9. At the tender age of,er, not very old, I shat meself when the Green slime appeared. Nowadays, it's just a case of telling them to get the f*ck out of my office...
  10. My Dad told me you end up like Davros if you don't wash under your foreskin.
  11. Will have to agree the wee horrid shcreeching thing was evil. Still sends a shiver down my spine. And now she's had a comeback! Bugger!
  12. Definetly the Silurian sea devils!
    The image of one of them stood under the stairs watching the doctor tear around the Solent forts was terrifying to a younger Pillager.

    The Daleks are also quite scary (I quake in the presence of shopmobility types now!) The New Daleks can Levitate and now can tackle stairs - I always thought you could jsut hang onto the back of one though and avoid being seen.

    The lack of opposable thumbs on a monster always makes me think they could be defeated by bits of chain though.
  13. I remember some pretty repulsive giant maggots which ISTR were just normal maggots superimposed on a blue screen
  14. the maggots were horrible .Definatly the cybermen and the new ones are scary nazi ones 8O
  15. Sontarans – I’ve sh@t them
    Ice Warriors – Who ?
    Maggots – I have fished with scarier
    Sea Devils – No probs
    Cybermen – Double hard scary geezers – make like a swastika to behind the sofa