Hardest Arrse Bloke.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_Snail, Nov 4, 2010.

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  1. Ok, before you start, Bernie started it in chat before, and was too gay to post it.

    Who do you think is the hardest bloke on here?

    I shall allow you the choice of hardest bloke on the internet (i.e. harsh font), or hardest bloke off arrse you have met in real life.

    I am not putting a poll up because I want you to actually think for yourselves.

    In your own time......
  2. It's you isn't it? ..you thieving scouse twat
  3. I'm not a bloke, Trigger.

    The rest is true though.
  4. Either JR3 or Sandy The Guvnor. JR3 has better taste in bergens.
  5. Sandy is scared of my dog = fail.
  6. In real life, I would say Joker62 because you'd want him on your side in a fight.
    Sandy would be good, until he saw a little ginger cocker spaniel, or me or Scoobs.

    On here, if it came to a tinternet fight, I'd want Crow_bag and Stacker1. At a push, I'd take B and T.

    Flashy, MDN and Stella would just sit and laugh anyway.

    SBP can pick up my pieces anytime though, I'd deffo have him as a second.
  7. When you're about, I'm the 'hardest' bloke on ARRSE.
  8. Stop sucking up.
  9. Sucking up? Dream on.

    You stole my idea for ARRSE where's wally.
  10. Jarrod wins hands down. That steely eye stare followed by a wink would make any man run away screaming.
  11. Mike Golden & Bradshaw
  12. I may not be any good in a scrap but several girlfriends have commented how hard I can be!
  13. It's not the hardest you've got to worry about. It's the quiet man in the corner taking it all in and saying nothing. :-D
  14. Stella, he ticks all the boxes, fiery red head, is from a birmingham slum and when he laughed at me down the phone once my blood ran cold :)

    Saying that I'd rather Sandy grab kneed me to death than tackle TRBD in the flesh, I've heard that his breath smells like toddlers bottoms and it makes budgies fall off perches in the next street.
  15. If you want somebody reduced to tears by a devastating paragraph of insults, using metaphor, allegory, analogy and the word "fuck", with no repitition, deviation or hesitation then I'm your man!

    That's fighting talk where I come from! I don't live there any more though...sorry.