Hardcore bad boy soldiers!

whilst on holiday in gibraltar, i found this plaque up in the rock tunnels that the slodiers dug out. this guy must have been bad!



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Could you not have made it a little smaller so that we could read it?
there you go! a decent size, this bloke must have been nails!
ha ha thats a good thread and i like this


My word, was he a machostist ? ( not sure if i have spelt that right, sorry)
he MUST have liked it, theres no other explanation, fcuk'n hats off to that man!
proper nails!
Thats one hell of a way to cure your back itch!!
Thank you whiffler. It makes you wonder if he had any skin left on his back to flog! Shame they don't bring it back for the criminals though, we could all pay a pound to watch and the money raised could be used for the victims.

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