Hard up Pie Maker.

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  1. A recession hit pie maker came upon a novel idea to up her takings and put a sign up on her shop window:-

    Pork Pies 50p.

    Hand jobs £1.

    A chap walks past and checks his pockets and finds a £1 and walks into the shop "Excuse me are you the lady who gives handjobs for a £1?"

    She replies she is "Ah right go and wash your hands and fetch me 2 pork pies, love!"
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  2. Call me Mr Thicky, but I don't get that.
  3. Hmmm... llech, whose nickname for the purposes of this joke is evan, went to London a few years ago & got lost in Soho, one of his mates went round some of the dodgier, dimly lit backstreets calling out his nickname..... "EVAN, EVAN where are you boyo," a friendly lady of the night called him over, "are you looking for 'evan taff"? "Yes I am, where is he"? "Down here" she says lifting up her skirt. Taff has a good look at the dripping gash & says "No, thats not llech/evan, he's a bigger cunt than that!!!
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  4. Simple Simon met a Pieman, going to the Fair

    Said Simple Simon to the Pieman "what have you got there?"

    Said the Pieman to Simple Simon....................................

    "PIES, YOU CUNT!!!!!!!!"