Hard-up hero forced to sell medal.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Shaun43, Dec 10, 2011.

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  1. In today's Sun newpaper an article about a ex-soldier having to sell his campaign medal so he can buy presents for his kids. He only got £200 for it.It is a shame that any ex-forces personnel have to sell their campaign medals.
  2. Its an outrage. Why doesnt the taxpayers have a seperate fund for veterans so they can buy lifes essentials such as christmas presents?
  3. Shit happens.
  4. Maybe that's why we need a named NDM - so when people are skint, they can sell it for pressies!

    He should count himself lucky he got a campain medal to sell, rather than just a lot of UN & NATO medals from the 90's - UN Bosnia, NATO Former Yugoslavia & NATO Kosovo & QGJM with the paperwork would be lucky to bag you about £100.

    Edited: Bit of a shame though really - I've seen the Iraq medal go for £300, might have got his kds a PS3!
  5. No one forced him to sell it. He should manage his monetary affairs a little better. There are hundreds of thousands who are just as hard up.

    The pikey *****.

    I'm so glad I'm loaded.
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  6. Those thousand baccy pouches tiding you over?
  7. They're for me and the missus! I'll never have the luxury of buying cheap baccy in Afghan again!
  8. To show my solidarity for the skint Jock bloke, I've just burnt £200.
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  9. I'll post you some the next time I go, I'd hate to think a fat para had to sell his medals to maintain his tobbaco habit.
  10. Looking at the Scottish Sun link - his face has been blurred out. poor **** can't even afford a roll of black maskers...

    I wonder if he knows anything about balconies?
  11. If they had their own army, he wouldn't have had any medals to sell.
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  12. My Iraq medal is worth £200!? If I knew where mine was, it'd be on ebay tonight.
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  13. I think its more sad buying the medal than crying to the sun about selling one..