hard to kill

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Taff49, Jan 7, 2013.

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  1. was searching for the retarded dog tattoo when I stumbled across this photo.

    they are laughing at that fact he has a knife in his nose with "Hard 2 kill" tattooed across his chest.

    I'm more amused by the people in A&E who have whipped out their camera phones to get a quick snap of him

    He's Hard 2 Kill, It Says So On His Chest

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  2. What a twat....hahaha....:)
  3. How old, been done half a dozen times. Still funny.
  4. what does his assailants chest say? 'cant fucking aim'?, four inch lower and a couple further round he'd be fekin brown bread
  5. retarded dog tattoo
    What's that?
  6. this one.

    i'm saving up to get one

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  7. Isnt the retarded dog that so called bounty hunter in Hawaii who thinks he is something special, but is in fact a criminal "converted" religious nutter?
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  8. His rough old slapper of a missus is great, as in great in the girth, every five minutes she's ordering food......"lets all meet at Denny's"...."room service.......pizza!"
  9. Pretty sure it says "HARD-2-KILL". Looks like drunk fucker fell on his own knife playing at being hard. If the guy he was pointing it at would have smacked it up it would be more vertical with less penetration.