Hard Times at the Castle...

see that a couple of the young royals are a bit hard up for cash and have decided to clean out the attic for some loose change.. Shame they didn't decide to put this lot on E-bay but, I guess, that would appear too tacky..

Anyway.. feel sorry for Prince Ernst-August and Prince Christian of Hanover
who are unloading some $ 15 mil US of artworks, furniture and other stuff formerly ' owned ' by kings of England and Princes of Hanover including paintings, ceramics, furniture, decorative items, armour dating from the 16th to 19th centuries..

8 day auction will take place at Schloss Marienburg and be run by Sotheby's...

Christie's not to be outdone will be flogging artwork owned by Princess Maria Beatrice of the House of Savoy on Friday in London..

anyone want an ' old master ' for over the garage? or a Ming vase for a beer cooler?..

kind of fancy a plumed helmet and shiny breastplate myself, just for weekends at the pub...
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