Hard Spell on TV..

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Santa_Sunday, Dec 31, 2005.

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  1. I have just turned over and this is on.

    4 little geeks showing how well they can spell.

    Now - I'm not a bully or a child beater, but I would like to smash all 4 in the face with an earth spike; after battering the shite out of their parents.

  2. Was watching that on Boxing Day, not through choice I hasten to add, and was genuinely surprised that the last 2 remaining were of the Pakistani variety. Sad world when kids who's first language is Urdu can spell better than English kids. Still like to fillet them all though.
  3. Fookin hell, that's a bit harsh mate!

    OK! I've just watched about 10 seconds of the little darlings. Do you have a spare earth spike? Annoying as fook! (Then again - I'm struggling on hearing the words let alone spelling them - might have to put in my chit for P Coy!) :lol:

  4. I wasn't being harsh, was I...??
  5. I thought you were, until I turned over to the horrid little freaks!

    "Hi kids I know you can probably spell Intracerebellar hemorrhage, but do you wanna know what it feels like???"

    Pass the earth spike!!!

  6. Force feed them Scrabble peices until they realise the error of their ways!
  7. I wasn't sure how annoying it was until i saw eamon holmes hosting it. T**T>