Hard soldiering

I think this defines "May you live in interesting times"
Captain Henry QUILL - 32nd Foot
"In April, 1849, the cholera broke out in Dublin, and continued to rage with unremitting violence until late in October, ...... Captain Henry Quill, of the 32nd,......... This distinguished officer died on March 26th, 1849, and the inscription on his tomb records that he "served with his corps to the close of the Peninsular War. At the siege of Burgos his leg was shattered and his left eye carried away by a ball. He received two gunshot wounds in the chest at Waterloo. One of the balls fractured the collar-bone and penetrated the lung, in which it became embedded. The long train of suffering ensuing, and the haemorrhage it induced, ultimately proved fatal." [A bit of red cloth belonging to his uniform surrounded the bullet, and both remained undisturbed until his death, 34 years after. A portly pamphlet on the naval and military services of the Quill family - of whom fifteen fought for their king and country - has been printed for private circulation.] From a fuller account of his services it appears that he was wounded at Salamanca, and on the 16th June, 1815, took part in the action with Ney's column at Quatre Bras. Undaunted by the sufferings of personal experience, this gallant veteran gave his two sons to the service. A tablet further records the death, at the age of 20, of Lieut. Thomas P. Quill, who "served in the 80th Regiment during the Burmese war of 1852, and was present at the capture of Martabar, operations before Rangoon, the capture of the Great Pagoda with a storming party; also at the capture of Promé. He was five years in the service and died at Calcutta, August 25, 1853, from the privations he endured in the campaign. The second son, Lieut. Henry Quill, of the 35 Regiment, died September 25th, 1863."
('History of the Dublin Catholic Cemeteries' 1900)
uniforms were much smarter then too!

Rather them than me - i prefer to see my enemy though my scope rather than just in front of me anbut still not in range!


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