Hard Rock Cafe Sarajevo lighter and pouch

Looking for a hard rock cafe lighter and pouch from sarajevo as some kind barsteward has nicked mine
If and its a big IF anyone has 1 or knows where there is 1 i would like to get 1 back i know it wouldnt be the 1 i lost but it means a lot to me for memories sake any help would be greatly appreciated
They were availible in the Yank PX stores for some time but cant seem to find another
Anyone got 1 for sale ??? cheers lads Andy
Wouldnt have minded if it was like that but whoever it was and i have a good idea who, they actually went into my box of bits in my house and took it knowing how much it meant to me
And hopefully they will get pi$$ed one night and let slip to someone that they have it and the brown stuff will certainly hit the fan then !
I have one. And a Tuzla one, and the Brchko one, and another one I can't remember. Not for sale mind you, but nice collectables none the less.


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Is it a Zippo you are after? I think I have one - PM me and make an offer.

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