"Hard-pressed TA faces £5m cut in its budget"

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by crossed_axes, Jun 14, 2007.

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  1. From today's Telegraph

    Hard-pressed TA faces £5m cut in its budget

    By Graeme Wilson, Political Correspondent
    Last Updated: 6:46am BST 14/06/2007

    A leaked Whitehall memo has revealed Government plans to cut funding for the Territorial Army by £5 million, even though ministers admit the decision is "difficult to justify" and will "undermine our objectives".

    The memo, marked "Restricted", was sent to Des Browne, the Defence Secretary, and Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup, the Chief of Defence Staff, by Adam Ingram, the armed forces minister. The memo reveals that the Ministry of Defence is planning to cut the TA budget by £2.5 million in both 2007-08 and and 2008-09, despite the pressure of Iraq and Afghanistan on the force.

    Mr Ingram says he has been briefed on the impact of a funding cut and argues that "these consequences should have been foreseen and made clear to ministers in a timely fashion as a factor in [our] decision making, since they will be difficult to justify and they undermine our objectives for the TA in the short term, possibly longer."

    Liam Fox, the shadow defence secretary, said Mr Ingram's comments revealed that even ministers appeared to recognise the damage being caused by defence cuts.

    When Labour came to power in 1997, there were 56,200 people serving in the TA. Last year the figure was 35,940, more than 6,000 below the MoD's official manning requirement of 42,000.

    The MoD said last night: "Last financial year, overall funding for the Territorial Army amounted to about £350 million. We do not comment on leaked documents, but can confirm that the TA will continue to be funded at the level needed to provide their invaluable support for current commitments."

  2. What we really need them to do is commit to the increase in funds necessary to allow us to provide invaluable support to future commitments.

    Hmm, just noticed the word "invaluable" and that's not ironic at all is it? What was the phrase? Cost of everything, value of nothing... is that the same as invaluable?
  3. a leaked memo!! my ARRSE, we have all seen this comming for a while. where they could cut costs is by stopping these senior officers using the military budget to fly up and down the UK every time there is a dinner on in some godforesaken place.

    The TA wastes money hand over fist. the auditors should see where all this money goes, the "bosses" make stupid decisions on doing things that are not beneficial to preparation for potential forthcomming operations. It makes me laugh if the TA or Army even was run like a civillian organisation it would have gone under along time ago. There is one answer to get us out of the poo now and that is to privatise the TA, or even corporate sponsorship. now that would be funny, imagine working on Telic or Herrick with body armour sponsorship across the front.

    mmm, thats given me an idea........................
  4. Step forward 1st Bn the Royal Tesco Regt closing with and destroying the insurgents in their up armoured check out desks. "I say Smithy, lob another couple of Value Pizzas at them - the fcukers aren't withdrawing..." :rofl:
  5. yes Mr Cholmondley-Warner. quite
  6. America spent about $500 billion on defence last year, the UK around $59 billion. Is the TA likely to have to start having to pay for its own uniforms and equipment?

    I intend to buy my own anyway but I'm thinking that many people would not be able to afford to and that would leave the TA looking like some kind of Army Cadet Force nightmare.
  7. plz tell me u r just a wind up

    or typical hac :wink:
  8. "Hard-pressed TA faces", eh?

    TA face-mashing is such fun. Come here, marzipan-features.
  9. No, I want a decent boots, bergen, body armour, quality. My father can afford it so why not.
  10. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Hack, or HAC? It's quite probable that the HAC would buy their own kit!!
  11. Um, the cuts could affect you.

    T&S, MTDs, Recruiting, Kit, AT, events, weekend trg, are all easy targets.

    I suspect that this is the beginning of something, not the end.

    Any cuts in activity will impact on capability. morale, trg standards, operational sp, and unit cohesion.

    Values and Standards? pah.
  12. Load of balls.. This Government are coming very close to getting what they pay for, and the loyalty and dedication of many is being tested to breaking point.
  13. That clinches it.

    Edited out of perfectionism.
  14. 'You' being those TA units that have contributed least to ops in terms of IR and formed sub-units/dets.
  15. I'm afraid that this is 'outing' that which some of us have seen coming for ages. The utility of the TA has been taken for granted, is still being taken for granted, and clearly will be the case for some time to come.

    The TA is a soft target when it comes to cost cutting because they are assuming that the goodwill, loyalty, and tenacity of the average TA soldier will mean that whatever they do, he will still turn up.

    Rumours have been surfacing for ages - cuts in MTDs, C1 trg, etc.. - how any half wit can think that they can penny pinch to this degree and get away with it is beyond me. £2.5m? - a few tanks of fuel for Gordon Brown's recent flight to Iraq (Queens flight note) - pathetic.

    What this says about TA100 and continued sp to operations is nothing short of scandalous. The reverse should be happening.

    Two faced, boot licking, OJAR protecting, pension cuddling, 8astards!

    I'm going to have a few months off.