Hard Paddys school of motoring

The poor misunderstood ethnic minority. It is their human right to take vehicles without consent, drive whilst uninsured and generally disregard driving laws. Any cnut says anything against them I will set Dale on you.
I'm outraged that anyone can criticize an ethnic minority's right to do exactly what they like.

No doubt they have confessed their sins to their maker, were given two Hail Mary's as a penance & have been absolved of all sins.
Saw last week's Pikey wedding fest. Paddy had done a runner from Manchester to North Wales to get his son's protection having suddenly gone from self proclaimed 'guvnor' to 'frail old man that was getting picked on by cowards' since someone twatted him in the street and made him look a cunt

We must learn to respect their rich culture. It's the only answer
They mentioned that mob in the Daily Wail last week and i left a few choice comments, so choosy in fact my comment got so many complaints they sent me an e-mail to say they had to take my comment out ! I was surprised they printed it in the first place.

I still say a guy about 70 years ago had the right idea about the whole fucking lot of them !
Are Pikeys papists?
Yes. You do-as-you-likee and a priest says God forgives and that's it, no responsibility.

The Sicilians, devout Catholics, and noted for their honest business ethics, say:

Futti futti,
Che Dio perdona a tutti!

Which means,

Go & rob all you like,
Because God forgives everyone.

Perfect bed buddies.