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Hard or soft feet?

I've read on here about people advising putting surgical spirit on your feet to toughen the skin up. However, I have just read in this month's Runners World that you should try and keep the skin as soft as possible to minimise blisters.

So, which is the better option? :?
Have one soft, one hard and see which one comes back better. Choose that option for both in future.

(Get your feet measured properly - so many people out there with the wrong sized combat flip-flops)
You may find that the term 'hard feet' isnt meant to be taken entirely literally and may refer more to 'the conditioning of ones feet to endure extraordinary abuse.' So, hard as in tough, rather than hard as in doesnt bounce when dropped. Note that things that are hard also tend to be relatively brittle. If you want to be able to walk miles in your boots, you should condition your feet by walking miles in your boots. Keep your feet clean and dry. Friction = heat = blisters.
The real answer is "whatever works for you". Trying one foot at a time is actually quite an interesting idea!

Runners' World is written by and for those who run long, straight lines in slippers. Surgical spirit helps to develop tougher skin faster, in combination with a lot of practice, and finds much favour among those who do all kinds of things in big black boots.
Surgical spirit drys the skin out and if used to much will cause the skin to split if they get to hot or are abused abit to much. Split feet leak blood, and are much more painful than blisters.

You can toughen your feet by wearing boots or good leather shoes all day. Spending all day every day in trainers will leave your feet soft they will have a shock when you get in to boots.

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