Hard-on for Alastair

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Fiji_Bob, Jul 9, 2007.

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  1. What is it with the BBC and Alastair Campbell? :roll:

    This is the bloke who, when in favour at no. 10, made their life hell and not to mention the Hutton report, but all we have this week on the BBC in return is a full blown free publicity campaign about his boring little diary. :sleepy:

    Thanks to the BBC I have to endure not only the usual banal plugs on breakfast TV :sleepy: , we have name checks on tea time news :sleepy: , detailed fluffs on their website :sleepy: which is awash with his "views" and now a serialisation at the end of the week? :pissedoff:

    WTF? 8O :pissedoff:
  2. Mate, don't get yourself wound up.
    Bin the left wing corporation think tank and watch
    fox news channel for a giggle. They make Al Jezeera (!) look pacifist.
  3. Cheers Hairy :thumleft:

    About time I found a news channel with some backbone :plotting: