Hard Men

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by kes1, Nov 23, 2009.

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  1. Flicking through the TV channels and stumbled across some tw*t called Danny Dyer who's talking about some violent nutter (if I'd been watching it properly I'd make slightly more sense in the scene setting there...) who's blaming the Army and PTSD for him being a violent fuckwit.

    Such an easy excuse :roll:
  2. Yep, a very easy excuse for any fuckwit who cant take control of his fucking life. Just like all the kids nowadays who have various disorders to excuse their fucking parents from taking responsibility of the little cunts. Tossers who use PTSD as an excuse devalue those that actually do have it. Bunch of cunts.
  3. Dyer comes across as such a cock, and as for the psycho, unless someone can prove different, probably went mad drinking anti-freeze in Norway, or mine sweeping in the EFI bar :roll: It's just to easy to blame service life as an excuse for a personality defect, when there are real suffers out there that go un-noticed.
  4. People like that were borderline psycho's before they reached their 8th birthday
  5. Was that the one who claimed to have a live grenade on a shelf in his living room? :roll:
  6. Well that's Dyer psycho-analysed, what about the nutter he was interviewing. And why does anal make up the first part of analysed :?
  7. Do you want too come and pet mine? It's quite tame!
  8. AAGF


    Look - it's hiding in my tracksuit bottoms .. sick barsteward! :lol:
  9. Who, Jarrod? That's a bit harsh, isn't it? :wink:
  10. I have to agree 100% with Flash on this one.
    All sorts of peaple blame "PTSD" for their inter-personal violence. It is a pure sham of the worst kind!
    I am violent because :-
    1. I can be
    2. It is fun. No really
    3. The Army always said it would "give me a trade" (although this is more in the way of a "hobby" right now).
    4. There is nothing worth watching on TV
    5. There was something worth watching on TV, but I have a DVR
    6. I have unresolved anger issues.
    7. I have MORE unresolved anger issues about "Hard Men"
    8. The "voices" told me to do it!
    9. If I could be gripped by experts, so can they.
    10. I am training TO BE an expert "gripper" (called Jack if have my way)
  11. Kids these days have a variety of excuses to twat each other in the playground / set fire to people's homes etc. ADHD, Aspergers - there's a whole bunch of 'conditions' out there these days that new-age hippy-type 'psychologists' have made their name (and lots of wonga) out of promoting.
    But I think you're right Kes - a lot of them that grow up psychos, start early.
    It's always the same - for example, when I think back to when I was 8 years old - I seem to remember being a cunt then too :D

    Flashy's had to work at it tho :wink:
  12. It's a reference dating from the Victorian era.It refers to what your parents did to you as a child.But being Victorians it was never discussed in polite society.
  13. How is PTSD diagnosed, and how does it manifest itself?? Genuine questions not trying to be an arrsehole about it.
  14. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Danny Dyer got a part as a drug dealer in a film. That's all.

    For some unknown reason, the people who make wnak programs about so-called hard men think that qualifies this scrawny 'thesp' to talk on the condition of their idea of 'hard men', despite actually knowing fcuk all between the entire set and crew what the term actually means, or who it applies to in the real world.

    There's 'idiots', 'wnaksters', 'wannabes', 'drug dealers', 'bullsh!tters' and 'assorted scum'. Unfortunately for the likes of Dyer and his thesp buddies, that's all they've ever known or come across, having never been within 100 miles of proper 'hard men'.

    I could give him a hint: One recently tried to climb Mount Everest, not long after doing a bunch of marathons, shortly after having a massive heart attack, some time after amputating his own fingers due to getting 'a bit cold' in a particularly cold bit of the world.

    Edited to add: Oh yeah, and that particular hard man is also a pensioner. So stick that in your fcuking pipe you double hard 'gangsters' and 'thesps'.
  15. It's the quiet, polite ones who bear watching.