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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by pipes377, Apr 17, 2008.

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  1. Can anyone help me ref Harbour drills, when laying the perimeter wire what height should it be in daytime and night time?
    Thanks in advance
  2. It is critical that it is laid (at whatever time) so that as many people as possible:

    trip over it
    become entangled in it
    lose it

    Also a really good soldier finishes the job off by putting at least 20% of the line length through some form of hazard eg, nettles, gorse, thistles or thorns.



    PS Just thought of another, always vary the height of the line from helmet height to ankle height in as short a distance as possible.

    Should you follow these top tips you will immdiately increase your credibility amongst your peers and no doubt impress your Plt Sgt too.
  3. Not quite what I was looking for as Im writing a lesson plan at the minute. But thanks anyway.
  4. In the day it should be at ankle height.
    In the night it should be at shoulder height.
  5. But as my arguement is ....which person do you choose to measure the shoulder height! The height of most of my Sqn would leave the line over my head!!
  6. I was always taught, during the day it is at ankle/shin height and just before stand to at night it gets raised to waist height.

    But at a recent pre-intake PS training day it came out from a couple of the Infantry lads, why bother lowering it, as if the enemy are close enough to see green string inside a wood, your have got a lot more to worry about than how high your string round the track plan is. And to be honest, I’ve got to agree.
  7. Thanks for that mate, cheers
  8. Thanks for that, cheers
  9. Lay it out so that every time some cnut stags on in the wee small hours they endup stamping on my head as they go past thats what usually happens CNUTS!!!
  10. I've been taught Daytime ankle height and Nightime waist height
  11. Try dangling coke cans filled with stones and bells on it so you don't lose it...Some top advice if i do say so myself. 8)

    F_G (Bonnet)
  12. Nah, go the whole hog and hang cylumes off it! Guaranteed not to lose it then and it'll add a festive feeling to the whole harbour! :lol:
  13. Ah, good thinking sir, You're obviously a man of intellect and tact!!
  14. Has anyone got any gucci training aids for a harbour drill they can email me?


    PM me for my email addy.
  15. Tarmac paths are ok if you use special DPM tarmac (not sure of the NSN though). It's the swimming pools that tend to give it away.