Harare Three released.


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The ZANU/PF regime in Zim has freed and deported two white South African soldiers, who were arrested, tortured and convicted on murder and espionage charges 18 years ago.
They have been incarcerated ever since, most of the time in the infamous Chikurubi prison near Harare.

Kevin Woods and his colleague Michael Smith were immediately taken to the Beitbridge and are now back in South Africa. Their black fellow-soldier, Phillip Conjwayo, a Zimbabwean national, was also freed and welcomed at the prison gates by one of his sons.

The trio were jailed for life in 1988, after being caught attempting to carry out a bomb attack on an ANC terr base in Zim., during the ZA 'War Against Terror' (does this phrase ring a bell ?) in the seventies and eighties.

They were sentenced to death by the Zimbabwean high court for the murder of a driver, hired to take a car bomb to a house owned by the ANC in Bulawayo. Unfortunately the bomb detonated while the driver was still in the veh.
Their sentences were commuted to life in prison after the supreme court had found, in another case, that a long delay in carrying out death sentence was unconstitutional.

Over the years, Woods, Conjwayo and Smith had sought amnesty and deportation to South Africa, and numerous appeals were made to both the former white government of FW de Klerk, as well as the succeeding black regimes of Mandela and Mbeki. None of them were ever successful.

Zimbabwean President for life, Oom Bob had signed the release papers 'on medical grounds'.

Is Mugabe now looking for some support from the Mbeki govt or the greater world, or has he really become a kind, benevolet leader ?

Thanks and congratulations also to the Free the Harare 3 Campaign, Southern Cross Africa and the BSAP Regt Assn who have worked tirelessly to procure their release throughout all their years of imprisonment.
Thanks for posting that, Cutaway. I seem to remember when all this went down and they were, by all accounts, "convicted" on some highly dodgy evidence (can't recall the exact circumstances, though).
It's good to hear that they've been released at last, even if it did take an awful long time. And well done the campaign for them!

Good to read the news but...........

Say as a hypothetical argument you were caught in the UK as a UK national

1. Telling an innocent civilian driver to deliver a car (full of explosives) to the Labour party office. On arriving telling the driver to sound his horn, as he does detonate the bomb Killing the driver and injuring 6 .

2. Spying for the Taliban.

3. Caught with a few weapons, just a pistol or two and a AK 47.

How long would you serve in the UK today?


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With the WMF (QC) as my defence I'd be paid damages for my inconvenience.

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