Happy Xmas to all from Down Under.


Hi people.
Just to wish you all well for the festive period.
Hope Santa is good to you.
I'll be out on the water boating, kayaking and sipping cold tinnies in the sun. 30c here today !
Beats plodding Winchester High St. in the cold and wind !

Cheers to all that know me back home. Thinking of youse !

A very merry Xmas to you Plod, hope the boating went well. I trust you took the piss out of the Aussies for the rugby. Hope you have a great New Year, and don't get to sober.


Merry new year Corporal Corker !
Gav W was over a couple of months ago.
Yeah, still living off the rugby. So rare we win anything !!!!
The boating was great, ta.
Strange to spend Xmas day sitting on a beach eating a picnic and watching the dolphins playing.
Still, you can't have everything.
Love to Mitch if you hear from him.

Days to do ?
Hope you had a good christmas at the barbie, good to know that you saw Gav W, got a few emails from the little bugger whilst he was there.
Have a good new Year.

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