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Let's put this one to bed, a foregone conclusion I think. It would be interesting to see figures none the less. I have read with increasing exasperation thread after thread where we are fcuked off at the high port by the current regime. Am I on my own in this opinion? I somehow think not.

many other threads with polls on this subject - hooped. mk
Utterly predictable, I am afraid! But if the Government chooses to throw its weight around the world without adequately funding the Services, what can it expect?

I apologise I know the general consensus is already a given, but the powers that be always go on about consulting this forum to get an idea of our general feeling. Unfortunately unless it is spelled out simply for them they never get the message.
crabmabb said:
Pointless exercise and destined for the hole i suspect.
No doubt but is'nt that indicative of the apathy that has gripped our society?
bunch of pumpers like 99.999 percent of other MP all out for themselves - they are all tosspots
legal_eagle said:
I smell a Labour Party member!!!

Who on earth from ARRSE would have voted "Utmost Confidence" in Liabour.

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